‘Joanna’s Training’… the book!

I first became a ‘girl’ in 2001, when a female friend picked up on my interest in slinky and sexy female clothing and suggested I should try some on and let her apply some makeup.  When she’d completed it, I was truly amazed at how feminine I looked… I was bowled over by how convincing I could look and was immediately hooked!  This was something I just had to follow.

Shortly after that, I met an American transvestite at a party who, to cut a long story short, mentioned me to her female Mistress back home in the USA.   So began a relationship, conducted at arms-length from 3000 miles away by email, in which the beautiful Lady J trained me in her own special way to be the girl she wanted me to be and, although I did not know it at the time, the girl that I too wanted to be.


Her first statement to me was… ‘if you’re going to be a ‘girl’, you must do what girls do’.  I’m not sure if it was intended to be a ‘warning’ to a sexually hetero guy, but I never forgot that comment throughout all her training of me because she never stopped making me do just that.

It all began when I received an email from her, instructing me to go to a certain club in London one Saturday night and giving me specific instructions she wanted me to carry out there.  She told me that, the following day, she would expect a full report of the whole night’s activities in her email inbox… erotic activities that were going to be really humiliating for a new ‘girl’ like me… but activities I had no choice but to carry out.
She left me with the clear knowledge that, if I failed, she’d reject me and leave me to ‘find’ myself on my own, something I knew would be very difficult and probably wouldn’t make me the ‘girl’ I wanted to be.  So, of course, I carried out all her requirements and my report was fully detailed, running to several pages of erotic activity interspersed with my thoughts and very real feelings… with not even the smallest detail left out.

Over the ensuing weeks and months, her training of me progressed and developed with more instructions and visits to clubs and parties, involving me in increasingly erotic, humiliating and painful activities and, of course, I always reported to her in the greatest detail afterwards so she would know how my increasingly feminine sexualisation was progressing.

Some years later, after being persuaded by friends that my experiences should be published, I revisited those reports, editing them to improve the grammar and readability, but without changing any of the detail, and those reports have now been published as JOANNA’S TRAINING, an e-book in three volumes.   Published by AUK Ltd under their House of Erotica label, they are available from all good e-book/kindle stores including Amazon, Waterstones and others.  Now the crafty bit’s coming up… if you don’t have a Kindle to read it on, Amazon have a FREE download of a ‘kindle’ programme so you can read it all on your pc!  Isn’t that great?

Everything I describe in the books actually happened to me… it’s all true, every word and every action… all the humiliation, all the pain… and ALL the sex!    I really hope you enjoy it all.

The e-books are very inexpensive (in UK they are only around £3 each volume)… so I hope you’ll read and enjoy them to the full… and let me know!

Joanna  xx