Bows and ribbons…

Hi again… just a quickie for you today!

I thought you might like to know that, a few days ago, a gorgeous Master in the USA made a demand on me that, of course, I had to obey.  You see, I was trained to do whatever a Master or a Mistress tells me to do… so how could I possibly refuse?   He told me that he wanted me to take a photo of my… er, my girlie ‘clit’ for him with a pretty bow tied tightly round it, while wearing a tiny skirt.

Well, that sounded a bit embarrassing (if rather fun!), but I got myself organised anyway in a very pretty little purple satin skirt with a matching shiny purple ribbon and, once I was nice and… er, hard… rampant… turgid… or however you like to call it, I tied the ribbon around the base in a very pretty bow and snapped away for him!   At first there were one or two on the ‘modest’ side, then I got going with some rather more explicit shots, which was exactly what he’d demanded… hehe!

Now, come on…  you seriously don’t think I’m putting one of ‘those’ up on here for you all to see, do you?  I mean… they are pretty naughty!IMG_3893e

Ah well, ok… seeing how it’s Christmas, maybe one of the more, er… ‘modest’ photos… for you naughty boys and girls with your tongues hanging out…  so here you are!

What?… I hear you say…  Where’s the pretty bow?  Well, it’s just underneath the little skirt… after all, you don’t really expect a nice and modest girl like me (yes REALLY!… hehe) to let you see what it’s tied around, do you?… at least, not here in full public view…  and how could I show you the bow without showing you that?  Oh no… that’s for him and him alone!

Imagination’s a wonderful thing… so use yours if you want!   And have a happy Christmas day tomorrow… hehe!

Joanna xxx

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