Woof woof…!

It had never happened before… so I suppose it had to sometime.

After all, there is so much talk about it these days that one could almost believe that, like the old song, everybody’s doing it, doing it, doing it!

But of course they’re not … just a small minority who like to go out in an evening, either with their partner, with friends or simply alone, to find a quiet car park and, maybe, some woods where they can enjoy some sexy times in the open air.   After all, sex in the open air is a very erotic experience, despite what you might have seen in a ridiculously hilarious TV… er, television(!) documentary in recent months!IMG_3980ce

So, after what I’d hoped would be a rather naughty afternoon yesterday but turned out, for various reasons, not to be so, I found myself agreeing to a demand from a Master that I should be his ‘slutwife’ for the night and he would take me to a location outside SW London later in the evening where he intended to make me lose my last ‘intact’ virginity… and before you start passing snide comments about that, yes I did still have one virginity left… I had never been dogging!

I have always thought the term ’dogging’ rather derogatory for an erotic activity but, seeing how it came from ‘walking the dog‘, I suppose I must accept it… but, for a ‘nice’ girl like me, it has always seemed rather like being dragged down into the gutter.  Mind you, that’s what I was trained for by my Mistress a few years ago… she always said I needed to be pulled down from my ‘pretty pedestal’ to be defiled in the gutter… so it looked like that’s where I was headed last night!IMG_3982e

Master A picked me up near my home and we arrived at the car park deep in some dark woods around 10pm.  I was wearing a flirty little black, frilled skirt with tiny white hearts on it that I’d worn in the afternoon with a neat, black ’flapper’-style top and black stockings.  As protection against the frost coming down fast in the clear winter night’s air, I had a fashionable white, finely-quilted short jacket on top, open at the front.

We cruised slowly around one car park where a small handful of cars were already parked, then on to a second car park and stopped in a quiet spot.  But it wasn’t long before Master A spotted a man standing near my door and lowered my window to have a word with him.  Then he told me to open my door and I was presented with a cock protruding from under a bit of a tummy ‘overhang’ and heard the instruction to get down and suck it… er, the cock, not the overhang!  I turned in my seat and bent forward to take it between my lips and draw it deeper into my mouth.  Master A now told me to work on it and it quickly grew hard in my mouth, taking no more than about a minute before, with no warning at all, it spurted into my mouth.  It filled me… I was flooded with cum… a real mouthful that I had difficulty keeping in without any leaking out.  He must have been saving that up for weeks!  A couple of drops did spill down my chin but, as soon as I’d finished draining and cleaning him with my lips, I turned to my Master, as he’d earlier instructed me to, and kissed him so that my mouthful flowed into his mouth too!

Master A was really turned on by this ’cos he was rock hard now and told me to go down on him.  His cock was big and standing up strongly, its heavily contoured helmet like the barbs of a huge arrow waiting to embed itself in my mouth.   I worked on him for several minutes while his heavy breathing told me he was enjoying my efforts… a lot! IMG_3985ce

Soon after that, we saw another man lingering outside and, again, I found myself with a cock in my mouth… but this time, only for a few seconds ‘cos he suddenly asked if he could fuck me.  Master insisted I let him, so I got out of the car and, once a condom was fitted, I bent over with my legs akimbo holding on to the car and he started to slip into me.  But only for a few seconds ’cos three other men had come up to watch.  Suddenly he pulled out saying there were too many people around for him and he  melted away into the darkness!

We stayed there for a couple of hours, during which he made me suck him several times.    Each time now, he made me kneel up on my seat facing him so that, as I had to lean forward and down to take him through my lips,  my bottom, covered with only a tiny thong, was right up on full view to any ‘outsiders’ looking through the window.  Then he lowered my window right down so they could reach in and fondle me… yes, and penetrate me with their fingers too… oh God… but, with my face down in his crotch and my mouth full with his cock, I never saw who they were… complete strangers… so humiliating!

As it turned out last night, there were very few guys there actually looking for a tgirl (rather than a female) so, as we headed back towards home, I knew he’d be wanting to take me there again and that he’d be hoping for considerably more guys to use me next time.  But I felt, for my first ever time, I didn’t do too badly for him.  When I’d told that first guy who’d flooded me that he had just taken my ’dogging’ virginity, he seemed pretty delighted with that too!

Should I borrow my friend’s Rottweiler when I go next time?

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