Historic beauty… and a bit of naughty too!

Now what sort of title is that, I can hear you asking.DSCN2407e

Yep… I agree… it’s not the sort of title that normally goes with my naughty posts in here…



…but I’m off on my hols in a day or two’s time so I thought I’d leave you with some food for thought in a couple  of cheeky birthday cards I received last month… both of which are so true!




…and a photo of three beautifully sensual ladies with curves to die for (even at an age of some 75 or more years!) that I took a year or so ago (and I’m not including the fly that thought it was a Spitfire at the foot of the photo!).Spitfires16cwallpaper

So that’s enough from me right now… except to say I hope you have lots of naughty fun in the next week or so without me, while I’m sunning it up in Greece… or should that be greasing it up in the sun…? (ok… I can wish!)

I’ll be back on here around the turn of the month so don’t go away… xxx

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