Your secretary, Sir?

I’d opted for the ‘secretary’ look on Friday night, when I went along to my fave haunt out on the edge of south west London.  It was a warm and sultry evening as I drove there and, as usual, stopped along the way to make some final adjustments to my makeup and clothing.  I even took a hurried photo!


I’m on my way, guys…

I picked up a tgirl nurse from her home on the way and, when we arrived, we found that there were only a few people there as the venue had failed to advertise the event in the best tgirl website!  How silly was that?

Even so, it was a nice sociable night for me and, later, the nurse and I had some fun.  Well, she had some first… when she laid me across her lap and spanked and leathered my poor bottom ’til it stung like Hell… but then I got my own back when I straddled her chest and filled her mouth with my cock while she slipped her finger up inside me!


Sitting pretty?

It wasn’t long before the inevitable happened… and yes, I filled her mouth even fuller… and much, much wetter too… hehe!  It all slipped down her throat very easily… and lots of it too… which she seemed to really enjoy!


Ready for the guys and girls…




And she wasn’t the only one to enjoy herself either.  It goes without saying that I certainly did but, as soon as we finished, we realised that we’d had an audience, all of whom said they’d really enjoyed watching us!…  a shame about the others!



So, even though there weren’t many people there, those that were had a thoroughly enjoyable time… hehe!


But where were they?


Sadly my camera battery died as soon as we arrived but the naughty nurse took some on her phone so here are a few of hers.  Thank you so much, Monica.






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