Do games require brains?

I’m really not sure if they do.  Maybe it might help a bit but that would probably depend on what the game is, I s’pose.

The subject came up ‘cos a Master in the north has taken an interest in me… to the extent that he’s now my ‘Proxy Master’.

I’m sure you will know what that is but, when he suggested it… well, ok… demanded it… I had to think a bit… after all, I know I’m not the brightest tart in the oven… but I got there in the end!   And he’s not to be confused with the various ‘personal’ Masters who like to enjoy me when I’m out at at clubs and parties!


This is how I’ll probably end up after a few games…

Anyway, as he’s based 200 miles or so away from me, it’s pretty clear that we’re not going to meet that often so he’s planning to control me from ‘afar’, as it were.  I confess I wondered a bit as to how it would work but I soon realised that he’s planning to issue me with some instructions from time to time that he’ll require me to carry out when I’m out at a club or party.  And I guess those instructions will probably be rather… er, no… VERY… naughty!

That’s fine, of course. After all, I thought that I don’t have to tell him absolutely everything I forget to do for him, do I?  But then I realised that he’d almost certainly read my Blog… this Blog!… knowing that I always detail EVERYTHING that happened to me at a party… and he’d soon notice any discrepancy!

As it happened, a week or so ago, I started chatting with a dominant tgirl who doesn’t live a million miles away from me and who clearly intends to get me to herself one day soon.  In conversation, she said she’s going to play a game with me when we meet and the scoring will mean that the points I win will be cane strokes that she’s going to give me.  So, in her game, points will mean PRIZES (for her)… and STRIPES (for me… awwwww!).   When I heard that, it sounded like the sting in the tail… as it were!… but it turned my silly mind to thinking about other games that could be turned into kinky ones.

Some years ago, I adapted the well-known board game CLUEDO into a ‘schoolie’ version with the people involved playing teachers (the Doms) and schoolies (the subs), the murder weapons being ‘spanky’ weapons (crop, flogger, paddle, cane etc. etc.) and the rooms being various classrooms and labs… plus of course, the Head’s Study!


I told you it was an OLD set, didn’t I?

So it wasn’t long before my ditsy brain… (oh yes, I think I must have one of those… somewhere…)… started to work in that direction and hit upon my old set of Poker Dice.  It was easy to think up a method of scoring that translated the final scores into spanks… (or, as I’m sure that Mistress would mean, cane strokes… oh God!).  The poorest result gets the highest score but I thought I’d give myself a small treat and score zero for 5 aces.  Well, who ever throws five aces?… and if by some bizarre chance I did, I’d b….y well deserve an easy ride, wouldn’t I?

Now, as I’ve already mentioned, I probably have a brain in there somewhere… but it obviously doesn’t work too well ‘cos I excitedly told my Proxy Master about it and he, unfortunately, warmed to the idea… especially as he realised the result would always end with my bottom being an awful lot warmer!  Honestly, what possessed me to tell him?  How daft can a girl be?

So now you see why I wonder about my brain.  If I’ve got one, it’s obviously rather limited… why else would I tell my Master something that he can use against me when I’m out at a club?  You see, I now know that I must keep my set of Poker Dice in my handbag ready for when he orders me to find someone to play it with me when I’m out again… or, of course, when I bump into one of you guys and girls, my lovely readers… and you tell me you want to play a few games!  Oh God… I’ve even told you now!

So yes… I think you do need a brain to play a game… but you may be able to get away with only a very small one, if you’re anything like me!

p.s…. if you have noticed my ‘deliberate’ mistake… (oh ok… I just didn’t notice it!…), where I missed off the bottom score on the list in my photo…  that of NO pairs… I wonder what score that would deserve?  It’s been suggested to me that it should score a massive 20… oh God… but do send me your suggestions too… hehe!


2 thoughts on “Do games require brains?

  1. Hi joanna, once again an enjoyable read and good luck with the new “proxy” Master. I would also like to thank you for being friendly to one of my girls tvkirstytv from Chix. Love Master Jeff xxxx

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