Just like a woman..

I’ve made a fantastic discovery!

Some months ago, a new TV… (er… television,that is!)… channel was launched called Talking Pictures TV and the good news is that it’s NOT a pay channel… it’s on Freeview channel 81!


Have you seen it?  Being a lover of old movies… by which I mean old enough to be mostly in black and white… I’ve become slightly addicted to Talking Pictures TV and happened to be watching it three nights ago when a film started up with a young Julie Walters starring.  It was called ‘Just Like a Woman‘… (and it was actually in colour too).

It was all about Julie Walters’ character taking in a lodger who turned out to be a transvestite.  It was the best film about TVs that I’ve ever seen so, if you don’t know it, do try to see it.  I’m sure they’ll show it on Talking Pictures TV again in due course so keep an eye out for it… it’s really excellent and very enjoyable… a ‘must see’ for anyone interested in tgirls.

And on that high, I went off to meet a couple of lovely friends last night.  Well, to be honest, it was one old friend and one new friend (his lovely tgirl)… and before I get a flea in my ear (or something else somewhere else) from him, I say ‘old’ in the cherished sense of a long-term friend, ‘cos he’s not actually that old… (I think)… and certainly not as old as me (giggle) and anyone younger than me is positively young… (at least, that’s my story!)

DSCN2647eAnyway, after encountering the usual M25 snarl up around Heathrow that gave me a chance to touch up my lippy… (oops, sorry Ociffer…), I arrived… late!

But it wasn’t a problem ‘cos, by then, their mood was nice and mellow and we all just got together rather cosily on the sofa for a chat.  Actually the chatting didn’t last long ‘cos hands soon began to wander… and mouths were filled that, very quickly, wiped out any ability to converse!

It was a comfy sofa too…but when three people are getting pretty active on a two seat sofa, the contortions necessary make the thought of a bed quite appealing… so off to the bedroom we headed!

I rather lost track of everything that really happened on the bed… (sorry lads!)… ‘cos it all happened fast and furiously!  All I know is that I quickly discovered his subby tgirl has what seemed like an a addiction to cock!  Her lips slid over my cock, gripped it tightly, and didn’t let go!  She went at me for what seemed like ages… without stopping or even pausing.  Even when my friend turned her round so he could slide his cock deep into her pussy, she continued to go at me… insatiable, she was!

DSCN2649eAs he plunged into her hard and fast, she plunged herself down on me, just as hard and fast.  It felt like she reckoned mine was the last cock on earth and she wasn’t going to let it go until she’d had it all.

But she didn’t quite get it all… at least, not as she expected ‘cos, in a brief reorganisation of aching limbs etc., we all turned about and I ended up with her rampant cock in my mouth!  This time it was my turn to go at her.  She was so worked up, it didn’t take an awful lot of effort from me and, soon, she was writhing and gasping as she pumped a full week’s worth (as she told me afterwards) up into my mouth!

Having drained her completely, and keeping it all in my mouth, I moved up towards her and leant down to her lips.  She opened them and we kissed wetly, all her cum flowing down into her mouth.  I knew it was a lot ‘cos my mouth had been very full indeed but, as she swallowed, she gagged slightly and lost a few drops down her cheek!

DSCN2662eIf that had been me, I know I’d have been given a good spanking and, even though I’d never dream of letting any drop escape like that, I usually get one anyway!  Her man had threatened her with just that but, in the event, he let her off (silly man!).

I know my Master wouldn’t have done… but my friend certainly enjoyed himself when he and his naughty girl got together and made me erupt all over his naked chest!  I have to say, I rather enjoyed that too!

Our time together eventually ran out and I headed home up a now empty (thank God!) motorway.

She’s a lovely girl, is my new friend… a real embodiment of the title of Julie Walters’ film… ‘Just Like a Woman‘… and actually, I felt like that too last night… it was fun.  Don’t forget to watch it!

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