Socialising and posing!

Yes, I was up to some more socialising last night which is always good fun.

DSCN2700eeI went out to south west London to the excellent Hellfire Club where I also found some good space to set up and pose for some interesting photos for you, so here are a few of them below.


I’m embarrassed and blushing!

But before I show you those, here are a couple of others from the evening… one of which I was told by my Master to take for him.  I’m sure you’ll guess that it’s this one… in the loo!  So, this is for you, Sir… (blushing!)








Moving on quickly, as you may have surmised from the photos I’ve posted over the years, both here in my Blog and in my Gallery, boring and ordinary photographs just don’t interest me.  Although I know that, in my collection, there are some (hopefully not too many!), it’s because, occasionally, it’s just not possible, despite keeping my eyes open, to find a spontaneous location that is a bit different, has some imaginative ambient lighting and works well for photographs.DSCN2679e

There aren’t many places that have all those attributes but The Hellfire Club is one!

I hope you enjoy these images and find them unusual enough to be stimulating in some way.

Personally I’m not sure which ones I like most so please do send me a comment suggesting your faves… I’d love to hear from you.DSCN2692eDSCN2689aeDSCN2680e.jpg

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