Stairway to Heaven?

At last, I managed to get out again last night and had a lovely time at the Hellfire Club out on the edge of south west London.  It’s a fab venue for a party with so many great facilities… but I’ve told you all that before!DSCN2896ae

Phew… what a steamy night it was!  Er, steamy in the not so pleasant sense of overheated weather, but at least, as it got darker, it was deliciously cool out on the open air patio and several people made good use of the nice chairs out there to stay cool and comfortable.

Early on, I met two lovely tgirls, one of whom I’ve known for a while, plus a pretty new girl I’d never met before.  Some other tgirls and some male/female couples started arriving too and, as the temperature cooled throughout the evening, things began to hot up nicely!

Earlier, I’d spotted a beautiful young blonde female with her fit-looking man and, going into the dungeon, I found them both on the large bed surrounded by ‘prison’ bars.  She was down on her knees, head right down on the mattress and her bottom in the air, and he was ploughing her hard… what a delicious show it was too, for the several of us who were standing around watching… hehe!  After a while, they turned around and she took his hard cock deep into her pretty throat and sucked it before they turned again and, with him now lying on his back, she straddled him and lowered herself down on his cock.  Her back and bottom were facing out through the bars into the room so we all had a yummy view of the action… and watching her pretty pussy swallow his big cock so deep, again and again… well, it was such an erotic sight… hehe!DSCN2916e

Wandering through to the main dungeon, with my tgirl friend, I decided it was time for her bottom to get heated up.  Well, the temperature was cooling nicely by now and I’d never want her to feel a bit chilly… would I?  So bending her down over a spanking bench, I lifted her lovely long satin retro skirt, and started to spank.  Not too hard, of course… ‘cos she wasn’t used to being spanked, but hard enough for her to feel it.  A spanking should always be ‘felt’ by the recipient and the knack is to know just how hard to deliver it without it being too much for her.  And I know how to do that… I’ve had plenty of experience, both giving and receiving them lots of times!

She seemed to enjoy it rather, so I took out a little, soft strap that I sometimes carry in my handbag for just such a purpose and swished it across her curvy bottom several times… just to waken her up a bit… hehe!  They stung her a little, but she was a good girl and only cried out softly… after every stroke!


Anyone cumming for a ride?

Moving into the dark room, I found it very crowded indeed.  Two pretty females were in there being … er, ‘attended to’ by a gaggle of men.  I couldn’t make out quite what was happening ‘cos… well, it was dark, you see!  But I managed to squeeze my tgirl friend and myself in too.  She stood on one side of the glory holes and I went round to the other.  I soon found a nice cock protruding though one of the holes and dropped to my knees to take it into my mouth.  It was a bit soft at first but, as I sucked it, it quickly hardened and it’s owner seemed to rather enjoy my lips’ caresses!

But, thinking about it now,  after the event, I wonder if it was actually my tgirl’s cock at all!  Maybe it was someone else’s… I’m still not certain.  When it’s so dark, you never can be sure about these things.  Ah well, someone had a nice time!

I’d been chatting with a gorgeous Russian girl and her man out on the patio earlier and I now saw her in the dungeon with a leather paddle in her hand that she was making some loud cracking noises with as she whipped it across her man’s bottom.  He didn’t seem to be enjoying it too much, so I laid myself down on a nearby spanking bench that happened to be vacant… and waited!


Stairway to Heaven?


Within seconds,  I felt my wisp of dress lifted away and that leather paddle land on my bottom.  It felt really yummy too.  She wasn’t doing it too hard… but gradually increased the strength ’til it was beginning to sting a little… deliciously!

I know I shouldn’t tell the Dominants among you (‘cos it’s one of my little personal secrets!), but I really love it when a paddle starts to sting a bit.  There’s something about the feel of leather on flesh that sends delicious shivers through me.  Of course, a cane always stings like Hell, even when it’s only laid on fairly lightly, but after a lengthy warm up at that sort of level, it gradually gets more acceptable so that the strength can be steadily increased.  In that way I’ve been given well over 100 strokes sometimes in the past… even 200 once… and the last thirty or so have always been pretty damn hard too!  But,of course, all you Dominant men and girls must completely forget what I’ve just told you.  Think of it purely as a figment of your imagination… hehe… ‘cos I’m a good girl and my bottom never needs to be attended to!!!DSCN2904e

A little later, I very much enjoyed watching that lovely Russian and her man enjoying each other on a large bed… oh yessssss!

At some point… (I’d lost track of time by now), another lovely young female who I’d seen towing her male slave around on a chain lead all evening, bent herself down across a nice spanking trestle, her lovely bottom completely bared, parted her legs and two men and the new tgirl I’d met earlier took it in turns to drive their cocks into her pussy to everyone’s delight… and especially hers!  While they were ploughing her, another three or four men took their turns in reaming her open and willing mouth with their cocks… mmmm!


Stairway to Heaven… definitely!

I really enjoyed watching them all going at her… a really erotic sight!  She was adoring it too… (made me wish it was me… hehe), but those guys were into females, not girls like me… sadly!

Despite the fact that three guys I’d been chatting with during the week before and who had told me they were going to come along to see me, failed to do so, I still had a very erotic and enjoyable night.

So what, you may ask, does my title of this post have to do with the party?  Well, it doesn’t… but I think it’s pretty relevant to a couple of the photos I was able to take… don’t you agree?

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