Pleasure and Pain!

Yes… a whole weekend of it!


On my way to the party…

Hello again… I’m sorry it’s been a month since I last wrote to you but my vanilla life has been excessively full and hectic throughout August… well, through the whole summer really… so much so that I’ve hardly been able to get out at all.  But here I am again… at last… after a wicked weekend!

Wicked… definitely… in every sense.  Friday night was entirely pleasurable… and yesterday, Saturday, was… er… yes, definitely pleasurable… but just a bit painful too!

On Friday, I wore my new little choker… nice burgundy-coloured leather with the letters MG, but that doesn’t mean I’m a car… it actually stands for Minkie’s Girl… ‘cos he’s now my Master!  Minkie, I mean!  Actually he’s my Master ‘from afar’ currently but, one day, I’m sure I’ll meet him!

Anyway, it all started out at my fave haunt, the Hellfire Club, where I met several lovely tgirls and guys, plus a few lovely couples.  Among them, I found a delightful tgirl from south western Europe who seemed to be pretty rampant and, after a brief chat, she was up for me grabbing a few photographs.  A couple are shown here… isn’t she lovely?Nic22e

It soon became obvious that she was a rather naughty girl and would relish her bottom being warmed up with a spanking, so we soon headed into a comfy bedroom and were followed in by a nice guy.

I told her to get up on the bed on her knees, flicked up her (very!) little red tartan skirt to reveal a lovely pair of pristine and curvy cheeks, separated only by a thin black strip of thong between… and started to spank her.  She seemed to enjoy my first, gentler spanks so I soon stepped them up a little, eliciting some nice yelps from her… and I do adore making a pretty girl yelp a bit!

After the spanking, she got up and, in a flash, her hand was round on my bottom, underneath my little leopard-print skirt (giggle!)… and then round to my front too!  What a girl.  Even before I could get my camera organised for her, she’d extracted my cock from my little panties and it was in through her lips being Hoovered… or Dysoned… (or any of the others… whichever is your choice!  Never let it be said that I’m biased about vacuum cleaners.. hehe!)… like I was the owner of the last cock on the planet!  And at the same time, her hand went round the back and I felt a finger creep up, deep, inside me and wriggle around deliciously!  Needless to say, I was in seventh heaven… despite Brexit!


My European friend, ready to be spanked….

As this was going on, I became aware that the guy who’d followed us in was now behind her, working away rather actively on (or in?) her rear!  I couldn’t actually see what he was doing… suffice to say that she was very quickly oooohing and aaaaahing nicely, so she was definitely enjoying whatever it was!

Soon, she pushed me down on my knees on the bed and I felt a long, wet girlie tongue probing me deeply back there… oh God… that’s always so exciting!  I was pretty hard myself by now and, between the three of us, I knew I was building up… until, suddenly, it all happened!  I reckon it was that girl’s tongue that did it… and I simply shot several spurts into the air in a cataclysm of ecstasy that would have had me buckling at the knees… if I wasn’t already on them!  Wow!!!

What a night… but I couldn’t linger too long ‘cos I knew I had to be back there, running the bar the following day and needed to grab some sleep first… so I headed off home soon after midnight.

And, yes… I was back at the same club next morning, preparing the bar for a private spanking party all afternoon.  I didn’t have time to organise a new outfit so I wore the same clothes as the previous night… except, of course, for some nice fresh, lacy undies!  Well, I thought my ‘secretarial’ look was quite appropriate to run the bar and reckoned it looked sufficiently dominant for me to avoid being punished!


Your secretary, Sir?  I’m good with letters…  especially French ones!

How wrong can a girl be?

It was a busy party… lots of guys and females, plus a handful of lovely tgirls too, all having a bundle of fun together… and all afternoon, the place rang to the sound of hands spanking bared bottoms in various rooms throughout the place… such an evocative sound!

Even I was able to get a break from the bar to get a couple of lovely females bent across a bed, side by side, to wallop their bottoms ’til they were glowing red hot… hehe!  Yummy!  After using my hand, I resorted to a delicious leather ‘slipper’ that made a cracking sound as it struck their two bottoms, one after the other… and elicited some really pained yelps and cries too… hehe!  Perfect… just what a pretty female bottom is made for… (and before any of you think I’m being a bit sexist here, the two girls completely agreed with me!)

A little later, I was able to go walkabout around the club to see what was going on and, down in the dungeon, I bumped into one of the two girls I’d spanked earlier.  Oh dear… big mistake!  She had a glint in her eye that I recognised… it was a look of ‘revenge’!  I knew she enjoyed switching and had even spanked me before on occasion, when I’d got a bit too wayward, and now I knew she’d got it in for me… and right there, conveniently (for her) alongside us, was a spanking trestle!

I had no choice… well, did I?  She bent me down across it and, once she’d set her video to record my humiliation and pain, she pulled my skirt up on my back to reveal my black lacy panties… that were so high up my bottom anyway that most of my bare cheeks were on full display for her… oh God!


Next morning…  looking fresh as a … er…?

First, she spanked me with her hand… and she has a very stingy hand too… then picked up a leather paddle that she swished with some vigor across my bottom!  Then she changed to a nasty little bundle of thin canes, all bound together at one end, and swished the little bugger across both cheeks pretty hard!  It was like bee stings in a swarm… Yeeeeouch!

But that wasn’t the finish… ‘cos she now picked up a fearsome Dragon cane!  Oh S..t!

Six hard ones striped across my cheeks… really got me gasping!

Even though, by now, my feet were aching badly from standing in high heels for several hours on end, I was still relieved to get back to the relative ‘safety’ of the bar and make some more teas and coffees for people!  Ah… the mundane life… even if my bottom was still complaining to me about its severe treatment!

So, you see, it was a weekend of pleasure and pain.  I always think those two words go so well together, especially when you’re not personally on the receiving end of the ‘pain’ bit… but when you are personally involved, they seem to go even better together… oh yesssssss… hehe!

Have a pleasurable time everyone… until next time!

2 thoughts on “Pleasure and Pain!

  1. Joanna, you were very sexy and it was a delight to have you close to my body. feel your warmth, and your scent, thank you for the special evening at Hell Fire. I hope to see you soon.

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