Blonde Bombshell!


And no… I’m NOT talking about myself!  I may be a bit on the blonde side… my hair’s honey blonde and many of you guys will already know that my mind is definitely blonde(!)… but I’ve never considered myself to be a ‘bombshell’.


My first meeting with Shirley… October 2017!

And, actually, I know I’m not… ‘cos I’ve never exploded yet… (although some of you guys may feel you know a bit differently… but that’s another story… hehe!)

No… the blonde bombshell referred to in my title is the cute and gorgeous little blonde that I first met nearly a year ago at a naughty club down in the west country.  I sort of fell in love with her then and nothing’s changed on that since!  Just to remind you, here’s a photo of the two of us at that club back in October last year.  Isn’t she a cutie?

So I was excited to find that Shirley wanted to come and stay the night with me during her travels… and guess what?  Not only was it this weekend, but it happened to be one of my rare free Saturdays!

She arrived nice and early… which is always a good sign.  I really don’t like it when people turn up half an hour or more after the intended time.  Even 15 mins late can be a real pain sometimes… but this little cutie turned up, after checking with me by text, nearly two hours early! How lovely is that?  After all, with lovely people, the more time you have together the better it is!  Isn’t that so?

A nice relaxing time followed, during which I tried her with some of my own outfits that I felt would look good on her and fit her nicely (and sadly don’t fit me any more!)… and when she left the next morning, I was very happy to know that a few of those were in her bag!

So, after eating a simple dinner washed down with a nice bottle of pink bubbles, Shirley and I readied ourselves to receive a visitor!  I’d been chatting with him for some months, on and off, and was delighted that he was keen to come over from Kent on Saturday night.

A well-built, dominant man, as soon as he arrived, he stripped off his shirt and trousers, shoes and socks, down to his underwear.  I realised exactly what his expectations from us two quivering girls were going to be and, sure enough, both of us were soon down on our knees using our lips to worship his very thick cock!


Do I need to explain?

And soon, he had both of our girlie cocks out from our little panties and alternately they disappeared through his lips… first hers, then mine… and again… and again!  It seemed that this dominant man loved girlie cocks too!

All the while, his thick cock was as hard as a rock, so I knew that pretty soon, he’d want to put it somewhere else.  The thought frightened me a little, thinking of it’s thick girth entering… and definitely stretching… our girlie holes, but then I recalled a recent event when a lovely lady friend decided to slip her entire fist inside me (which was a delicious experience… hehe!)… so I knew I should be able to take him.

And, sure enough, he did!  He bent me down on the padded bench, yanked down my panties and, with my legs wide apart, his hard cock started to rub up and down the cleft of my bottom.  It felt so very hard… just itching to climb inside… oh God… mmmmm!

Behind me I heard the rustle of a condom wrapper and, seconds later, that big head nudged my gaping hole.  Two big hands grabbed my waist… held me tight… and with one hefty shove… yes it needed a hefty one… he was through and I was gasping at being filled and stretched so wide.  Once embedded all the way in, he pulled back to my entrance, and then started to fuck me hard… in and out… again and again… non stop.  He went at me for several minutes, sometimes spanking my cheeks as he did so, while the cute Shirley watched wide-eyed, stroking herself through her little black panties.  It seemed she was a confirmed voyeur and really adored watching guys getting their cocks into a girl, and girls getting used in the way girls should be!


No explanation  needed!

Pulling out of me and leaving my pussy throbbing, he stripped off the condom and turned to thrust it into Shirley’s mouth again.  Then he turned to me and thrust it into mine again, before pushing me down on the bench, fitting a new condom on himself, and plunging in deep again.

Oh God… it felt even bigger than before, stretching me even wider, if that were possible!  Maybe it was my imagination, but that’s just how it felt but, as he ploughed me, I couldn’t help feeling so sexy, so erotic… yes, and so humiliated… especially seeing the pure glee in Shirley’s eyes as she excitedly watched me being used again.

I reckoned she wouldn’t be able to take his thick cock in her little hole as she was far too tight for him so, after another respite, I wasn’t surprised when he thrust into me yet again… this time fucking me energetically long and hard for the third time, until we were both gasping!


Shirley in my fave cheongsam…

But, despite all that energy, he hadn’t come…  I could tell he was determined to though, so he sat on the sofa, totally naked, with us two girls either side to cuddle and fondle him while he stroked himself to a gradual build up until, at last, he gasped and cried out as his cum shot up over his tummy.

Once our friend had left, Shirley and I prepared ourselves for bed, as we both had early starts next morning.  We’d had a really good evening and got to know each other much better.  She’s a delicious girl… cute, very femme and oh, so sexy!

And despite the fact that she’s really rather bright and intelligent, she’s still a fabulous Blonde Bombshell!

As for my photos in this post, I expect you noticed that Shirley features prominently… maybe even more so than me… which is unusual for me, writing in my own blog!  But she’s worth it… and you will also note that the photos of me are a bit on the raunchy side… more explicit than I usually post.  But that’s how the photos worked out on Saturday night… it’s the way the cutie crumbled!

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