Christmas Trees and Tease!

First I must apologise to you for such a long delay since my last post here. I actually went to a wonderful Christmas party last week but was unable to write my post about it straight away as I was rather unwell for a few days afterwards. I hasten to add it was nothing at all to do with anything from that lovely party… and it was also nothing to do with Covid etc. either! It was a tooth infection that started the day before, but took a couple of days before it really ‘blew up’ and made my face swell up.

I find myself on my knees so often!

It made me so unwell that I had to stay in the gorgeous warmth of my bed for two whole days, with no energy at all to get out except for certain urgent requirements! Still, these things happen and I’m gradually getting better, assisted by antibiotics and painkillers.

So, now, I’m trying to remember all the naughty things that happened last week, with my mind full of a very naughty party I went to today… so I hope I don’t get them confused!

Anyway, back to last week, the party was Lovejoys Christmas party, a gorgeous gathering of delicious tgirls and lots of lovely guys too. As you can see in the photos, I wore my lovely little bright pink satin ‘Santa’s-bit-on-the-side’ outfit, and it was to be a special party for me because a dominant man, with whom I’ve been chatting and become friends over the last few years, was due to come along for his first time.

Full of love and joy at Lovejoys…

Some of my regular friends were there too and two of them, the lovely Michelle and a really nice male friend, helped me to get some of these lovely photos for you. By way of thanking him, I sat down on a bed while he dropped to his knees between my legs, took my cock out from my little white panties and popped his mouth straight down on it! It felt yummy and he was very good, as I knew he would be, having experienced him on previous occasions. I was so happy that he stayed there sucking me for a lovely long time, which he was seriously enjoying too, especially as he made me grow harder and harder before we eventually headed downstairs again.

I soon discovered the arrival of my dominant friend and, once we had a drink and I’d shown him around, we sat in a comfy sofa and chatted together. It’s so true that the most erotic part of the body is the brain, because chatting really stimulates that sometimes… like then… but, although I’d been expecting (and ready) to be fully controlled by him in various activities that he’d threatened to subject me to, we stayed chatting!

Chatting is good, but it can make time slip by unconscienably fast when you’re deep in intense conversations. I was soon amazed to find it had reached the time when we both had to leave. I went to make myself presentable enough to walk the streets outside and, while I did so, I found another gorgeous girl I’ve known for some years and hadn’t realised she was there! She looked drop-dead gorgeous (she always did!) and I remembered a rather exciting and delicious episode a while back when she, I and a lovely male friend became… er… erotically linked (if that’s the right term) in a threesome! Ok. So she was face down underneath me with my cock deeply embedded in her, and he was face down on my back with his cock embedded in me! A pile of deeply attached bodies! How could I ever forget that exciting position? And all it’s exciting results!

… and I get told to bend over pretty often, too!

I’ll leave you with that naughty thought as I leap ahead, now, to today’s very different event.

Different, yes… but no less erotic! A very lovely female friend who’s quite well-known in the London scene, Miss Kim, had decided to hold a small and select late-afternoon party for three tgirls and three men. I was there (again in my naughty Santa outfit) with two delicious tgirls but, sadly, one of the men was unwell and couldn’t make it. Still, we three girls still had two yummy men to play with and what more could we want?

Someone wanted a closer view of my stilettos!

So, was this a ‘Tea Party’?… well, not quite! More a ‘High Tea’? But even that wasn’t quite right either! Actually, this was a ‘High Tease’ party! Oh yesssssss… and it was non-stop tease too!

A ‘flower’ amongst…er…

Our lovely hostess introduced us all and, within minutes, it was like we’d all known each other for years. I stood up and recited a poem I’d written about wanting to be a reindeer for Santa’s sleigh that included Miss Kim in the narrative wielding a whip over my backside (oh God… I wish she had… hehe!), which seemed to be enjoyed, but it wasn’t long before things went downhill. Well, there we were. Three classy girls sitting demurely on the sofa and, suddenly, the two guys were naked… er, yes… NAKED!

What an orchestrator she is, our lovely hostess! Like a ‘Ringmaster’, in a flash she had the two naked cocks in two willing tgirl mouths and, from there on, lots of switching around, changing positions, and all sorts of really naughty things happened… and kept happening even though some yummy cakes and choccy things were waiting, ignored, on the table! Well, it was ‘High Tease’, wasn’t it?

Eventually, we took occasional breaks to refresh ourselves and, soon, one of the other girls and I lay down on our backs on the floor, bum to bum, as it were! Actually, we were on cushions (thank God), our legs up in the air and our bare bottoms only inches apart. Miss Kim had this massively long double-ender… must have been some 20 inches long! Come on guys… it’s a dildo! A DONG… (what bells do at Christmas… lots of merry DINGing and DONGing!)… and I’ve never yet found a real guy with his own, ‘personal’, double-ender! (… and if there are any guys out there who have one, please let me know immediately!!!).

A scene from a film a few years ago…

But this seemed to be ‘deja vue’ for me ‘cos I recalled a very sexy encounter for a naughty film I did a few years back when I did the same thing with a lovely female. Here’s a photo from that film (and I’m the one with the boots, not the boobs!).

Miss Kim and I carefully inserted one end into me, all the way, and then the other end into the other girl, also all the way, until the whole thing was deep in us both. Then we gripped each others’ legs and rocked and rolled ourselves together on the floor, having a delicious time!

Rocking and Rolling!

Wow, it felt so good too ‘cos, as we rocked and rolled, the big dildo moved inside us. Yummy, yummy… and I guess she felt the same! It was really in deep too ‘cos our bottoms were pretty well touching much of the time with the dong swallowed up inside both of us, probably deeper than I’ve ever experienced… mmmmm!

Neither of us wanted it to stop but all good things must come to an end eventually and, at last, we slipped the great Dong out and had a much-needed respite. But the other girl wasn’t stopping there ‘cos she’d spotted a rampant cock on one of the guys watching us and, hurriedly fitting a condom on him, lowered herself down on him. She was now so opened by our dong ride that she went straight down… or he went straight up… I’m not quite sure which! Anyway she spent the next ten or fifteen minutes completely impaled with their arms wrapped around each other!

After all the naughtiness, not even a spank mark!

It was a really happy and erotic afternoon and I’ve never had a ‘High Tea’ quite like it… EVER! But then, I s’pose it wasn’t actually ‘High Tea’, was it? Whatever it was, thank you so much, Miss Kim!

You’re wonderful!

And I can’t wait for your next party!

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