About me

I’m Joanna and I’m a TV… and, just in case you’re not sure, that’s a transvestite, not a television!  I’ve sometimes been told I’m attractive and sexy, not that I’m blowing my own trumpet, mind (be a bit difficult too!), but I can be a classy girl when I put my mind to it… as you can see below.   The boring bit is that I’m educated, intelligent (I think!), cultured, quite imaginative (last time I looked), artistic (I’m a musician and ‘sort of’ writer), creative and pretty kinky.   Ah yes… and, maybe, I’m just a bit biased too!


I just adore my gorgeous Ball gown

I live out on the edge of south London and love partying, often going out to various t-girl and fetish clubs and parties when I can, mainly in the London area but also farther afield at times, where I’m quite well-known and have some really lovely times.

Although, principally, I am a sweet (yes, really!) and naughty (yes definitely!) ‘girl’… a bit of a submissive tart really, I also have considerable experience in domination both ways and have trained several London pro-Dommes in the finer aspects of corporal punishment.  If any of you girls and guys would like me to guide you through some techniques on how to successfully dominate your partner, drop me a line… but don’t expect me to be your personal Mistress… that wouldn’t work for me.


A naughty girl… always!

As I just said, I am a subby tart, but I can’t help having a certain amount of ‘attitude’ and, should I come  under the control of any Dominants among you, you’d find this needs to be knocked out of me if you’ll want to make me behave ‘nicely’ for you.  Well, a highly spirited girl like me can’t be good all the time, can she?  Of course not… so that’s why I often get yanked down across a pair of knees and spanked!  And don’t think I’m allowed some nice material to protect me… my skirt always gets flicked up and my panties are usually pulled down (not that those flimsy things ever provide much protection).  The heavy hand of ‘Correction’ often descends on my bare bottom, sometimes long and hard, making me cry out and bringing a hot and pink glow to my cheeks!  Why is it that guys always seem to find that so pretty?… pretty indeed!!!  And, more’s the pity, I even get paddled and caned occasionally, and quite severely too… oh God!  Well, after all that, how could any girl not give herself up completely to your desires?  Even my sweetly ‘bratty’ attitude can’t stand up to that, so you’d have free rein to use me fully in… er… well, pretty well whatever way you’d want..!

IMG_3840eI’m often told I’m a bad girl but really, I think I’m a good girl… very good actually, if the comments I’ve had from my many male friends are to be believed… hehe!   So how can I be bad too… I can’t get my head around that one.  Both good and bad at the same time?  I’ll leave you to work that one out!

I told you I love partying, but I also love to be a  Hostess or maid helping out at adult parties.  If you’re having a party, I’ll do everything from taking your guests’ coats as they arrive to serving drinks and food… and generally helping your party go with a swing.  And, if you wish, I can also be fully available for you and your guests, both male and female, to ‘enjoy’ in whatever way you and they might desire, however naughty that might be and whatever pleasure they might wish of me… so please do invite me to your next party!

TVC 036

This was the cover photo of a naughty magazine a little while ago.

I have appeared in several very naughty films, both on commercial dvds and for private websites.  It’s such fun when guys chatting with me after seeing some of my films refer to me as a ‘porn star’… hehe!  I’ve also been the ‘cover girl’ on a few magazines  too and have had various articles published.

In my home, I have a sexy boudoir-cum-playroom that has some nice play equipment and lots of my yummy toys, where I love having some naughty fun… although my busy life doesn’t give me nearly enough opportunity to use it as much as I’d like.

Can I tell you about my favourite fantasy?   For many years, I have loved that wonderfully erotic classic, ‘The Story of O’ by Pauline Reage.  Early in the book there’s a scene in which O is taken into the Library for her first time where four men are lounging in armchairs and reading newspapers etc.   They all use her for an hour or so, again and again, in a variety of ways, before they tie her wrists high up to a beam and then severely whip her with a crop.

IMG_1429eIt’s such a powerfully erotic  scene… and one in which I often dream of being O herself.  It’d be wonderful if that scene could be set up by a few male admirers and fellow devotees so we could recreate it for real… mmmm!  I wonder if any of my readers love that book as much as I do?  If you do,  please do drop me a line to tell me (see Contacts above)… I think a lot of exciting ‘fun’ could be had by all!  Would you like to be one of those guys?

In my little website here, you’ll find a large Gallery of my photos, to which I regularly add new ones, that I hope you’ll enjoy.  And since early in 2013, I’ve written about many of my parties, club visits and exploits in my Blog.  All those events are true accounts… no fiction at all… and all the activities, many of them very naughty indeed, actually happened as I describe.   Please do read them… I’m often told they make for ‘nice and naughty’ bedtime reading!  And please also put any comments you may have where it’s indicated at the end of each event.  I love to read what you’re thinking about me and to know if I’m turning you on… and I really hope I do… mmmm!

Hopefully I’ll see you one evening at a club or party and, maybe, we’ll get to have some fun…  I certainly hope so!

And finally, please do buy my naughty little e-books all about when I was trained to be a girl… and again, it’s all absolutely true… it all happened!  ‘Joanna’s Training’ doesn’t get me much in Royalties ‘cos they’re pretty cheap(!)… but just about enough to keep me in stockings and panties!

I hope to see you soon…

Kisses and licks,
Joanna xx