Hello again.

I was trawling through some of my own and others’ writings that I’d collected over the last twenty years or so and found some that I’d forgotten all about.  Reading them again, a few rather tickled my imagination so I thought I’d share one or two with you today.  I hope you enjoy them.


Socking it to them…!

The first is a little description of ‘being English’.  I apologise now if any of it offends anyone who’s not English, but I really hope it doesn’t… I certainly would not wish to offend anyone at all.

Being English…

What does it mean to be English?
Being English is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer… and then going home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch American or Australian shows on a Japanese or Korean TV, which will soon be powered by a Chinese nuclear power station.

And the most English thing of all?  Suspicion of anything foreign!

And no, I didn’t write this but it says it all, doesn’t it?


Dancing girl…
















I used to write lots of limericks.  Pretty awful ones, though, as you’ll see!… but here are a couple for you…


So who’s a shy girl?




Joanna’s a genuine slut

‘Cos she never can keep her mouth shut.

Cocks fill it bang full and she swallows it all,

But she still needs a fucking… right up!


It’s an awful limerick, but even I reckon it’s probably true!                                                    

Hehe… and I wrote this one about a lovely female Mistress I once knew…


Mistress Germaine had a dream that her slave hung down from a beam.         

When she whipped him all round, he made not a sound

Lest he wake her up with his scream.


a touch surreal, that one!


Still dancing…

I’ve also written several long and naughty ‘narrative’ poems, some of which I’ve been told work quite well… but as they usually run to six or seven A4 pages, I’ll spare you the boredom of sharing them with you here today!  Maybe, one day though… when I’m bored!

Right now, I’m looking forward to getting out to a club again and having some fun… and with luck that should happen in a week or so.  Here’s hoping!

And here are a few photos from a fashion show I took part in quite a lot of years ago before I started writing my Blog.  I thought you might like to see them and hope you like them.

And sorry about the odd differences in text size in this post today… I’ve no idea why it happened and I can’t seem to correct it… so you’ll just have to put up with it.  I never was very clever!  Sorry…

Byeeee xxx


The Best Laid Plans…

Feb 2019

DSCN3550eIt’s funny how, when I have fairly low hopes of some fun, it sometimes happens that I have a brilliant time… and when I start out with high hopes, they often don’t materialise!

Well, the latter was the case today.  I certainly had a nice afternoon but my evening collapsed!

You see, I met a lovely domme tgirl and she spent an hour or so being wicked with me, spanking me, whipping me, cropping and caning me… and all the while making sure that I knew I had to do whatever she told me and whatever she wanted.  She wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer at any point… so I didn’t say ‘no’!


…whippy, spanky things…

It was worthwhile my being nice and compliant with her ‘cos, with her nasty whippy, spanky things raining down on my bottom almost non-stop, I knew if I wasn’t… er, nice and compliant, that is… those spanky things would be descending faster and even harder!  Oh yes… I may be a ditsy tart, but I did realise that!

And yesterday didn’t help either!

Ah… didn’t I tell you about that?… er…

DSCN3555eeWell, yesterday afternoon, I was running the Bar at a party and a very experienced female Mistress had her wicked way with me! She got me down on my knees, over a spanking bench, yanked up my skirt and proceeded to leather me pretty hard for a few minutes ’til my bottom was really yelling at me…!  And she didn’t stop there ‘cos she followed that with 20 hard ones with a cane… yeeowwwww!!!

I often wonder what it is with my bottom.  What makes so many people… men and women alike… want to wallop things on my upturned bottom?  I really have no idea… but it so often happens… to my cost! DSCN3559e

Here are a couple of photos that I took today.  Honestly, there’s nothing very special about my bottom, is there? It’s just my bottom!

Anyway, today’s ‘attentions’ enlivened much of the pain and bruising from yesterday’s caning so, sitting here typing this is not exactly comfy… despite the soft cushion on my chair!

DSCN3560eAh well… I s’pose it’s par for the course for girls like me… we just have to grin and bear it.  And I, for one, know that I can never refuse a Mistress or Master who wants to exercise his or her ‘right’ on my bottom, ‘cos it was drummed into me when I was being trained to be a girl that I have to accept whatever is ordained for me… and spanking my bottom is a Dominant’s ‘right’.

So yes, I was fully accepting of everything, yesterday and today… and I even enjoyed it too… (thank you Mistresses!)… but bearing it all today was made so much easier knowing that I was expecting to meet a nice man later who, I hoped, would ‘finish me off’ in a rather yummy way!

And that’s where my plans went awry ‘cos I found that he’d been busy today and wasn’t going to be able to meet me.  Awwwww… and I so needed it too!

Ah well… the best laid plans…!

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A Night to Remember!


DSCN3496eNo… I wasn’t on the Titanic!  I don’t think I was on that when it  went down a few years back ‘cos… er, well I’m not quite old enough… and as you can see, I’m still around!

No… it was just a wild and wintry night with some of that white stuff… (the nasty cold sort!)… coming down from the skies… so it wasn’t the best night to venture out.

And not many did!

But there are always a few idiots… like me, (giggle)… so, despite it being a rather thinly attended night, it was nice and cosy inside.  Even a lovely tgirl I’d arranged to meet didn’t turn up… which was a shame ‘cos she really did deserve a spanking!  Ah well, next time, darling!

I took a few photos of myself in my new little skintight, shiny skirt… pale turquoise that I decided should look good with a black top and black stockings… what do you think?  The black top was a good wheeze ‘cos it meant I could wear my little black satin corset and my black velvet bolero jacket over the top to keep me warm!  I love my corset… it feels so sexy!

DSCN3497eI enjoyed chatting with some lovely couples, two or three nice guys and a gorgeous tgirl and, at one point, I found myself sitting in the cinema watching a rather enjoyable erotic film when two of the guys came in and sat next to me.  Hands inevitably starting exploring and I found my rather hard cock was taken out from the confines of its little net thong!  Ok… well, my skirt was so short that, when I sat down, the hem rode right up to expose the bulge in my panties so I s’pose I shouldn’t be too surprised… and anyway, it was rather nice to be stroked by strange hands in the semi darkness!  DSCN3504eOf course, that only encouraged my own hands to go walkabout on the thighs and crotches of the two either side of me.  You really can’t keep a good girl down..!  





And talking about good girls, I sometimes wonder what is a ‘good’ girl.  You see, I thought I knew the difference between good and bad but it seems most guys I meet have a contrary opinion.   When guys tell me I’m being good, I usually think I’m being pretty bad… and when I think I’m being bad, they all seem to think I’m being really good!  I can’t get my head around that so, maybe, good and bad must be the same!  Wouldn’t you agree?






Anyway, back at the party, I also had a nice chat with the two lovely people on Reception and in the Bar and we all agreed that the nasty weather had probably put some people off from turning out, but they missed an enjoyable night… even if it was a night to remember for the wrong reasons!

And before I left, one of those guys in the cinema found me again, warming my bottom in front of the lovely cosey fire in the dungeon… and the warmth was going right up…  not difficult seeing how short my skirt was(!), but still he used his heavy hand to spank it hard, loads of times…  even slipping my little skirt up to my waist so there wasn’t even that thin layer, and continuing to spank as hard as he could!  And yes… it warmed me up no end… at least, it warmed my ‘end’ up!

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An afternoon to die… or lie for!

No… I’m not dead… and I’m not a liar either… honest!  I use the word ‘lie’ in the horizontal sense… as in ‘lying down’… if you get my drift… so, now that’s clear, I’ll swiftly move on…!


My little dress isn’t too short, is it?

I arrived at a lovely party early yesterday afternoon.  Unlike some venues, it was not very difficult to get there at this time of day ‘cos it’s barely a mile down the road from my home!  Now that’s what I call convenient!

But, sadly, I can’t get there often as, usually, my Wednesdays are full with vanilla stuff.  But not today… yippeeeee… and it was lovely to be greeted by the lovely… er… ‘not-so’ old friend who runs it!  It was a pleasure seeing her again after quite a lot of years, though I decided not to count how many!

Soon after I arrived, I recognised a lovely guy up from that seaside resort on the south coast that often boasts of having the most annual sunshine in the UK… but I’ll leave you guessing which one ‘cos there are several that boast that at different times!

We got chatting and, seeing how I needed to get a photo or two to put up here for you to see, I suggested we head upstairs to a nice private room.  He was certainly resourceful, my sunny friend, ‘cos as soon as we were inside, he didn’t hesitate to shut the door and turn the lock to keep everyone else out.

He snapped away at me as I posed for him in various ways… and then, somehow… (and I can’t think how)… we both just sort of ended up on the bed together, him completely naked, me still in my little green dress (which barely covered my bottom,as you can see… hehe!)… and all his clothes strewn around the floor.


Sitting pretty…

Such a lovely guy… he couldn’t wait to get his lips around my cock and immediately drew me out from my little black panties and started to lick and suck me beautifully.  When he started to tire a little, I told him to lie down on his back and let me have a turn on his.  My lips slipped over the head of his cock and I lapped at it gently for a while, gradually moving lower down toward its root.  Eventually, it was deep in my throat and I wriggled my throat muscles to massage its head while my tongue continued to stroke his hard shaft.

He seemed to rather enjoy that as his breathing became a little heavier but, soon, he wanted me to climb up over him in a 69 position so, straddling his head, my cock disappeared into his mouth just as his did into mine!

We rocked like that for a delicious while… both of us loving the feelings and not wanting to stop.  He even slipped a finger into my pussy which always feels so sexy but, eventually, I felt an increasing need to be filled even more there… and by something much bigger!  You see, it’d been a few months since I’d last been filled by a nice cock and I was gagging for it… and I wasn’t wearing that little necklace for nothing either (see photo below)… hehe!


Is this the same as ‘asking for it’?

I climbed off him, turned around and, having fitted a condom on him, I lowered myself down over his hard cock as I looked down into his eyes.  Wow… it felt so good to be filled like this after so long and it was a delicious way to start 2019… filled with his hot sunshine in the depths of midwinter!  His breathing continued heavily and, feeling increasingly slutty and whorish, I soon asked him to please fuck me properly… like a whore!

I think that made him even more excited as I climbed off and knelt down on the bed with my knees spread wide and my head and shoulders right down on the mattress.  My bum was high in the air and I knew I was wide open back there… openly inviting him to use me.


Ready for some action…

And he did.  His excitement taking control, he thrust into me… pushed right in deep… and started to pound my pussy like a jackhammer while he gripped my hips to keep me fully under control.

I’ve told you before how much being fucked like that makes me feel so submissive and I really felt like a whore being used as a whore should be used!  He banged away at me hard for several minutes… it was so exciting for me and I could tell it was for him too ‘cos his breathing now sounded even heavier and faster.


Hot stuff?

It didn’t take him long and, pretty soon, I knew he was building ‘cos I could feel his cock getting even bigger and harder inside me.  Suddenly, he let out a string of gasps and cries as he erupted, filling that condom deep up inside.

We stayed like that for several more minutes, gently rocking while his erection amazingly stayed firm… and it was still firm when, at last, he withdrew and I rolled over on my back, pretty exhausted.

Lying there, I found my thoughts turning to an exciting Master right down there in another sunny place… Sydney, Australia.  We’d chatted online several times recently and he’d made it pretty clear what he would like to do with me, if only there weren’t some 12,000 miles between us!   I’d not received any specific instructions from him for yesterday but, now, I just knew what he’d expect of me.

I reached up and carefully slipped the condom off the still-hard cock, without spilling any of its creamy contents.  While my friend watched, I took it in my fingers, raised it above my head and slowly tilted it down towards my open mouth.  His cum poured out, straight through my lips on to my tongue.  His eyes eagerly followed it as it all slithered down into my throat… every drop… and disappeared… with not a single drop spilt!


Lying back waiting for some creeping hands…

So that was for my new friend (a new experience for him)… and also for you, Master… (you know who you are!)

We both needed fresh drinks now so we headed downstairs to the kitchen bar where I enjoyed a nice glass of Pinot Grigio to chase down the creamy ‘wine’ I’d just taken upstairs.

In the next half an hour or so, I chatted to several people… some old friends… tgirls and guys alike… and some new, until I found myself chatting with one man I’d not met before who, realising what a naughty girl I can be, soon suggested I should bend over for him.  When a man tells me firmly to do that, I naturally have to comply… (it’s what my Mistress instilled in me when she trained me)… and he now proceeded to give me a tirade of hard spanks on both my cheeks with his hands.  My short dress rode up so I only had my little black lacy panties to protect me but, as the noise attracted a few others into the room, he yanked those down and continued to spank my bare cheeks with one hand while slipping his other through between my legs for a lovely fondle!

Oh yessssssss… lovely! Definitely.

And later, lying back almost full length in a comfy armchair, another nice man came and sat on its arm… and soon let his hand reach down to stroke my stockinged thighs and gradually creep upwards… above my stocking tops and under my little dress.  Of course, I relaxed my legs and let them fall apart so he had better access… well, a sensible girl would, wouldn’t she?… after all, my training told me that I must always make it easier for guys who want me… so who was I to object?


Mirror, mirror… oh ok, who’s kidding who?

(And, when it feels as good as that did, I can easily be a sensible girl when I put my mind to it… hehe!)

So it was a brilliant and exciting afternoon… definitely one to lie for… and to die for!

And here’s a little afterthought… exactly 200 years ago, in 1819, the first rubber factory was built in London by Thomas Hancock… so is that when rubber and ‘cocks’ first made their acquaintance?

… nearly Christmas Eve…

Yes… tomorrow it all starts… the day that Christmas really begins… with the wonderful live Festival of Carols from Kings, Cambridge in the afternoon and, later, on television too… if you missed the earlier radio relay!i-th2rdrc-x2

But, if you read my previous post (below), you’d know that my Christmas started a bit early… last Tuesday to be precise… with my singy and stingy afternoon that was so brilliant!  It was a perfect start to the fun season so, if you didn’t get to read it, do have a read.  Just scroll down a page or two.

So now, I want to wish all you lovely, loyal and naughty friends out there who read my blog and see my pics a really happy… and very naughty… Christmas!  I’m hoping to have one too… and will be all dressed up… er, or down… on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to arrive and come up my chimney (if he arrives before I fall asleep!).

Which reminds me, I must forget to light my fire ‘cos if he comes down and gets a red hot bottom from the flames, I know just whose bottom he’ll take it out on!

And yes, if he’s not arrived by midnight, I’ll probably have fallen asleep and be lost to the world until Christmas morning, but at least I’ll fall asleep dreaming of him trying to get down my chimney… maybe dressed as in this lovely cartoon on a Christmas card I received the other day.


One Christmas Eve…



Actually, for several years, Santa has dropped in on me on Christmas Eve… (dropping ‘into’ me too, usually… hehe!)… but the little sod usually bends me across his knee for a good spanking when he arrives before he gets down to business and climbs up MY chimney! And when he does that, I forgive him everything, of course!


Another Christmas Eve…

Actually, it’s pretty rotten ‘cos, when I was a young girl, (only a very few years ago, you understand!)… I was brought up to believe that Santa wanted you to SIT on his knee, but these days he seems to have got that a bit wrong ‘cos I always end up being BENT OVER it first… and then made to sit on his LAP, not his knee!  He’s a randy ol’ sod… but I love him!

So Christmas for me is usually a pretty hot time… at least, for my bottom(!) ‘cos he just adores getting into a girl’s panties… but I better not moan too loudly in case he hears… and I’d hate to give him even more reason to wallop me!

Anyway, here are a few photos of his antics with me over the years… plus a little limerick I penned just now…


… and another!



Christmas with Santa again             Means a time for mince pies and some pain…                                            ‘Cos Santa’s warm thanks         Always mean some hard spanks…  Thank God his sleigh carries no cane!


I hope you all get the ‘attention’ from him that you’d love… and deserve… whatever that may be… eh girls?

Have a naughty one… and Happy Christmas! xxx

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A spanking good sing!

Ok…  I guess you must be wondering what on earth my title above means… and if I didn’t know already, I’d be wondering too!  Yes, I know it’s pretty odd… weird even, but hang in there and let me tell you about my day today!


Feeling nervous before my songs…

I’d been asked to sing some more of my naughty songs at a big private spanking party in London that was attended by some 70 or so people and I duly turned up in good time for a sound check with the D J.  Then I went off to get all dolled up ready for my spot that was due to happen later, during the lunch break.

That was when everyone else disappeared to grab some much needed sustenance after an energetic couple of hours during which the men were all spanking the living daylights out of lots of very pretty, curvy… and mostly naked… female bottoms!  Mmmmmmmmm!

I have to say that, normally, I would have felt more than envious but, up to lunch, I’d been trying desperately to remember the lines of the songs I was due to sing… so I was a bit preoccupied… (which, in my case is the same as petrified!)… and anyway there were loads of butterflies playing havoc in my tummy that I was struggling to pacify!

IMG_4623aeI’d actually written the naughty lyrics of two of the three songs myself, but that doesn’t mean I could remember them… which is possibly down to me being a bit ‘blonde’… (as some guys I know may have noticed).

So, are you now beginning to understand what my title is all about?  Spanking… songs… got it?

Good… and when everyone came back with plates of food to scoff while I sang, at least they couldn’t heckle me with their mouths full, could they?… (although someone did try, to the concern of the unfortunate person sitting next to him who got covered in salad!).  And I can’t have done too badly ‘cos I didn’t have to duck any bread rolls, pork pies or slices of turkey that I was half expecting might have come my way!

Actually, I was quite pleased ‘cos I always try to add a bit of naughty humour into my songs and, at the right points, gaggles of girls and guys really did giggle and chuckle, which encouraged me no end… ‘cos I was somewhat relieved they hadn’t all fallen asleep…

A few weeks ago, a lovely pianist friend of mine had played my backing tracks and her ‘electronic’  hubby had recorded her and put them on cd, so the D J didn’t have to do too much other than press a few tits on the console!  So, a big thank you to both of you… you know who you are… and to you, Mr D J!!


And no… this isn’t me!  I wish!

I was given a lovely, rousing cheer when I finished… and I don’t think it was just ‘cos they were glad to get me off the stage!


This mike felt strangely familiar ‘cos I’ve often got long hard things in my fingers… hehe!

Afterwards, I grabbed a yummy plateful of cold meats and salads etc… delicious… (and many thanks to the wonderful chef… or is it chef-ess?  Whatever… you’re lovely!)… while a gorgeous naked girl performed a naughty burlesque routine on the stage.  Oh, all right… if you insist… here she is.

The butterflies in my tummy now satiated, I found myself chatting to a lovely man from that wonderful country somewhere in the middle of Europe that is usually covered in snow, and he now suggested that I should join the other girls… by which he meant I should kneel up on a seat, bend over and prepare for him to spank me!

Well, in for a penny etc… and never let it be said that I shirk my responsibilities to my erstwhile Mistress (who trained me all those years ago)… so I knelt up and felt my little tartan skirt flicked up my back and my little white panties yanked down to my knees.  Then his hand got going… gently at first and soon building up quite strongly.  It felt wonderful.. especially as it got harder and, when he picked up a little leather spanker, I even found myself egging him on!

Having not been spanked for a few weeks, I’d almost forgotten how delicious a good spanking is when it’s done by a sensitive practitioner who knows what’s to be done.  He certainly did and when, at last, he finished and let me pull my little panties back up over my tingling cheeks, I was genuine in my thanks for his lovely attention… sealed with a nice hug and a kiss.

DSCN3425eWhen I’d been singing earlier, I’d spotted a gaggle of lovely girls sitting just below the stage who seemed to be enjoying my songs and, now, I came across one of them bent right over a man’s lap, her naked and curvy bottom in the air and his hand raining down on it with alacrity!  And she seemed to be loving it too… so much so that I sat down next to them and chatted with her as that hand continued its work!

When his arm tired, she got up and immediately spread herself across my knees.  But I had an idea and, finding that she was happy with it, I set my little camera up, triggered the video to run and commenced spanking her bottom myself.  What fun that was… I was spanking her hard… very hard actually… and she adored it.  I must have given her over a hundred hard ones making her lovely bottom bounce deliciously, and it seemed as beautifully unmarked when I finished as it was when I started!  I ran the video for her and she was delighted to see her lovely cheeks bouncing under my heavy hand!

The man who had been spanking her also enjoyed watching us and, when she climbed off my lap, he asked me if he could spank me now!  Well, I’m sure you already know my answer to that… and, sure enough, I was soon standing by a table and bent over it.  He started by spanking me at length… maybe some sixty or more, getting gradually harder… and again I adored it!  The earlier attention on my bottom had prepared it nicely and this new spanking felt really delicious.  Then he switched to a black leather paddle he had with him and that felt great too.  After several batches of ten strokes each, I asked him to use it harder and harder and the effect was wonderful, making my bottom really sting deliciously!  But, ever a glutton for punishment, even that wasn’t quite enough for me and, before he finished, I asked him to wield it as hard as he could.DSCN3405e

He swung that leather across my bottom ten more times, really hard and, by God, it stung!… such a wonderful feeling.  I hugged him and kissed him with my warm thanks… and, having travelled home to sit here writing this later in the evening, I can still feel the tingling… mmmmm… despite the soft cushion I’m sitting on!

It turned out that that lovely girl who’d been across my knees was one of two sisters there today and I got the impression… and I’m definitely hoping… that this won’t be the last time we meet… will it, my dear?

So, was my title a reasonable summary for today?  It may sound a bit obtuse but it was a rather bizarre day… wonderfully bizarre… and it really was a spanking good sing… or maybe it was a ‘singing spanking’ ‘cos there was a lot of singing going on, elicited by all the spanking going on around the place!

Where have all the ‘bad’ guys gone?


Cheeky… or so my panties say!

After over a month… and yes, a month is a long time in my life… I managed to get out to meet some girls and friends again on Friday night and had a lovely, sociable time with several gorgeous girls… but, sadly, there were no nice (or naughty!) guys to play with!

What’s happened to all you naughty guys?  There we were, a bunch of lovely girls, all dressed up to the 9’s… (well, more like down to the 0.9’s… hehe!)… and all gagging for some action… but hardly a naughty guy in sight, let alone any dominant ones!  It’s enough to make a girl feel she’s not wanted any more… but I actually know that’s not true ‘cos I get lots of guys contacting me wanting to enjoy me.  So come along and have some fun, guys!  Maybe I should re-write that song ‘Where have all the Flowers Gone?’ and turn it into a naughty version called ‘Where have all the ‘bad’ guys gone?’


All alone on a nice big bed…

Ah well… we still had a good time and, I hope, three of the girls will have some nice new photos to add to their collections for profiles etc. ‘cos I delightedly snapped away in the dim and wonderfully sensuous lighting… and the Christmassy atmosphere… in the Old Hellfire Club.


Such a sexy bed… but where are all you naughty guys?

Although I was pretty gutted that I got no attention of the ‘naughty’ kind,  I still had a fun time with the other girls there.


Short and shiny… my dress, I mean!

I’m planning to go along there again on Jan 4th , so come along guys… come and help me have some New Year fun!  I’m sure some of you kinky guys can think up something naughty for 2019… even if that may be rather too high a number to spank  me with… but then, maybe not!!!… who knows?  Are there any guys up for a challenge?


Anyway, I’ll certainly make sure that you have some yummy fun too… hehe!


Here are a few of the photos I took last night.


‘Stairway to Heaven’… any guys want to come up?