The WRONG white stuff…

Yes… it’s true. Like the notorious ‘wrong snow’ that has sometimes closed British rail lines in past winters, for a girl like me, any snow is the wrong sort of white stuff!  And especially this weekend ‘cos my planned travels out to have some yummy fun (with the right white stuff!) have all been scuppered and I’m left just a bit frustrated!

But at least I’m warm again… after my old boiler registered its usual objections to being asked to work in cold weather last week.  Yes… as soon as it dropped to freezing, it refused to work.. and, before you offer some good advice, it was nothing to do with frozen condensation drains or other water pipes.

My boiler is obviously female. It has a mind of its own and a somewhat obtuse sense of loyalty to me.  Whenever it knows I want just a little bit more from it… er sorry, her… she just expects an extra spot of tlc… so she decided not to work for a freezing 24 hours… nice!

Ok… so I gave her lots of loving attention all through Friday… tweaking her nipples and taps, draining her (very satisfyingly for her, no doubt!), refilling her with some yummy new fluids… and then leaving her to contemplate and simmer down for a while.  I even did that two or three times during the day, just so she really understood how much I love her… and, as I knew she would, in due course… in her own time… she finally came round and agreed to cooperate again… and, at about 6pm, she fired up spectacularly and hasn’t thrown a strop since!

So a word of advice to all of you who might be battling recalcitrant boilers… just be patient and forget the expense of an emergency plumber.  Give her… yes, I’m sure yours is female too… some kind words and a hug… make sure her drains are warm and cosy… refill her (if you can reach that far…) and give her time.  She’ll come round in the end!

No photo on here?  Well I didn’t think a photo of my old boiler would do too much for you!

As for me, all that wrong white stuff prevented me from being deliciously drained and refilled myself as I’d been hoping, ‘cos everything got cancelled!

Ah well… soon, I hope…

Stay warm…


These Boots were Made for Working…

DSCN2220eI know… I’ve been neglecting you and I’m really sorry for that.

It’s a month since I last wrote… quite unacceptable, I know… and, even though I’ve been tied up (and not in a nice way!) with all sorts of personal issues in my always hectic vanilla life over the last month or so, it’s still no excuse!

So I’ll willingly go over your knees for a good spanking when we meet next… mmmm!



Anyway, I took delivery of a new pair of yummy white boots last week and, to make up for my lack of attention, here are three photos that I managed to take this morning.  Personally I think they were made for ‘working’ rather than ‘walking’… hehe! … definitely boots for a girl who… er… yes!


‘Uncomfortable’ carpet beater, that one!


And, as for more naughty activities, I’m hoping for lots of fun in a couple of days so watch this space and I’ll hopefully be telling you all about them this weekend!

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Who mentioned windows?

He did, actually.

I know you’re thinking it’s unlikely though… for a ditsy girl like me… but there really are one or two things that I’m good at.  Ok… so it’s only a few… but at least I’m not totally useless!


Ever the glam salesgirl!

You see, I met an old friend last night who loves a spot of roleplay.  A week or so ago, he suggested I should sell him some new double glazed windows… or try to!

Not that he needed any… but I now realise he was planning to have some fun with me.

It was dark when I arrived and knocked on his door, having noticed that his upstairs windows really needed improving… and replacing, of course.  After all, I needed to make a sale or I’d be out of a job!  He opened the door wearing a dressing gown and, when it breezed apart in the opening door, I noticed… nothing else. At all!

He had been watching some naughty shemale porn on his TV when he showed me in and, I have to say, seeing it on the screen was rather exciting… hehe.  But, thinking of the task before me, I opened my folder to start my spiel when a couple of cards fell out that I’d forgotten I’d put in there.  They were my cards that I give to prospective… er, clients… in the hope of a bit of ‘business’ when I’m a bit short of the readies…. if you see what I mean.  And before you ask… no, I don’t put them in telephone boxes!

Anyway, unfortunately he spotted them and, without going into a long and very complicated story, he coerced me into doing the same thing for him.  Well, when I say ‘coerced’, maybe I was just a bit ready to give in ‘cos he’s a lovely man with a very fit and… er, yummy… body!

So it wasn’t long before he’d shed his robe and was standing there in all his glorious… er, glory!… and standing out in front in a very strong way!  Of course, I knew it must have been the show on the TV that was causing that but, when he started to kiss me and run his hands up my legs and under my skirt, I began to think that, maybe, I was helping it along a bit too.DSCN2172e

Before I knew it, he was down on his knees and, in a flash, my own cock was out of my panties and through his lips… and he was sucking on it like a Dyson… or one of the others (there are so many of them these days!).  Of course, despite my reserve and decorum… (I’m a nice girl, me…) and my natural inclination to hold myself above the frailties of the flesh(!), my body didn’t agree and pumped my cock up ’til it was hard as oak!

Well, faced with a battle between my head and my heart, it was down to my brain to decide… and I’ve often been told that, along with most men’s, my brain’s just a wee bit south of my waist!  And seeing how it had already made it’s decision, what could I do but happily go with it?… and yes… very happily!

His lips wrapped around my cock, his hands now went round behind and crept under my little black lacy panties.  I felt a finger probe me back there… gradually press further… and finally slide through, deep inside.  Wow… wonderful!  And while all this was going on, my hand was holding something very long and hard and stroking it nicely until he suddenly pulled away, breathing rather heavily!

At some point, it became necessary to go up to the bedroom… er, to examine the windows, of course… (remember them?).

Yes, I’d forgotten about them too ‘cos, by now, there was only one thing on my mind…DSCN2155e

Removing my panties completely, he now blindfolded me and made me kneel up on a nice Ottoman at the foot of his bed and lean over the end of the bed gripping its ironwork.  I felt a wet tongue followed by nicely-lubed finger probing up inside me and plunging in deep, again and again… and maybe it was more than one… perhaps two or three, ‘cos I couldn’t see.  Blindfolds have that effect, you know!

Then I felt his fingers withdraw and something bigger thrust in deep.  His cock was rampant and he went at me hard… in deep, then out to the head… and back again!  It felt wonderful and I was getting even more aroused as I stroked myself… until suddenly I felt it rising.

I shouted at him… he pulled out quickly and leapt round me. Just in time, his mouth was there, swallowing me as I burst and filled his throat.  And, just as I was lapping the last traces from him, he said he was about to erupt too.  I leant down quickly and caught his first spurt on my lips.  My mouth opened and all the rest went straight in… and on down my throat.  Wow!

We were both drained now… so we sat back and relaxed, chatting about how much we’d both enjoyed ourselves before, at last, I headed for home.

Yes, I’m good at all that… but I  never was much good at selling windows… even when I’m dressed for it.  And he never bought any anyway!


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School of Seduction

Guess what?  I was enrolled in the School of Seduction on 1st January as an honorary member.  How about that?  It’s a big honour for me (I think), even though I’m probably the first and only member… hehe!


Badge of (dis)Honour?

How did I get enrolled?   It happened when a friend gave me the little uniform!

So I thought I’d show you a few photos of it…. and, er… me practicing an important task in my first lesson… hehe!  But some of you already know that I’ve learnt a lot about it already… er, ‘seduction’, I mean… so I’m hoping to be a Prefect very soon.  Actually, come to think of it, seeing how I’m the only member, I reckon I’m Headgirl already… hehe!

Cute, isn’t it?


I think they intended the skirt to be this long!


Practicing the School’s official sitting position!


Practicing some ‘bed’ moves…


Practicing bending for the strap or cane…


Practicing for something else… and I’d better not show you the next couple of photos… hehe!




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New Photos for a New Year

Hello again.

DSCN2075eI was out again last night but, instead of having a naughty night out as I usually do, I decided a few new photographs would go down nicely to celebrate heading into 2018.  So here’s a small selection for you.


I hope you enjoy them.DSCN2098cce

DSCN2058eDSCN2088eDSCN2084eHave fun…

Joanna xx

It’s nearly 2018… Wow!

Wow… what a night… so where should I start?


In my new little silver dress…

You see, last night I had so many emotions running through me as I headed west to a (Nearly) New Year party.

First, I hoped to see several lovely friends… which I did.  Second, I was full of concern at a gorgeous TV Mistress’ warning that she planned to wallop my bottom… which she did… and third, my mind was filled with a Master’s command of a couple of weeks back… a strict requirement that I had to carry out when I attended my next party, and this was it… and yes, I did… er, carry it out, I mean!

So, taking the bull by the horn (as it were) I’ll take the last one first.  Well, I’m a sort of topsy turvy girl, me (yes, I’m often getting topped and turfed!)… a bit upside down sometimes… guys seem to prefer me that way… hehe!

So, in the car park outside, changing out of my driving shoes into my gorgeous patent stilettos with little ankle straps, my tummy was trembling as my mind thought about what I had to do.  You see, I had received an uncompromising command from a Master on the south coast that, at my next party, I had to drop to my knees and suck the cock of the first guy I saw in the place… oh God!

Nervously walking across to the entrance, my heart was telling me I should turn round and run back to my hotel room but my head was saying ‘yes… you have to do it… so go for it, girl’!

Somehow I reached the entranceway where my feet automatically carried me up the stairs to the entrance of the club.  Inside, I slipped off my warm fur coat… well, ‘baby it was cold outside’ (giggle)… and headed through to the Bar lounge.  The club owners greeted me warmly… such a lovely couple… and I then looked around.  I’d arrived just before the opening time so very few people had arrived yet but, immediately, I saw two lovely tgirls chatting with a guy I recognised.  And why did I know him?  ‘Cos the last time I was there, back at Halloween, he’d… er, ‘known’ me rather deliciously… if you get my drift!  I couldn’t remember his name (I can never remember anyone’s names, I’m so ditsy!) but he remembered me… and very well, it seemed!


A topsy-turvy girl!

I did feel rather relieved that it was him rather than a total stranger.  I remember when I was being trained all those years ago… when my American Mistress sometimes used to specifically make me look for and ‘serve’ a complete stranger in a club… always so difficult and humiliating.


The gorgeous Prettylady doing what she’s so good at… unfortunately!

As there was an unspoken custom of nothing overtly sexual happening in the lounge and, as he was deep in conversation with the two girls, I waited for an opportunity to tell him quietly of the  Master’s ‘requirement’ and he seemed really delighted, no doubt recalling our previous encounter, so we agreed to meet a little later.

Suddenly, into the lounge swept the gorgeous Prettylady, looking… well, I hesitate to say absolutely fabulous (‘cos that tends to have comic connotations these days…) but she did look absolutely fabulous in a spectacular blue, sequined dress and the biggest bouffant hair style I’ve ever seen.. also in a matching bright blue… Wow!

And this was the lovely lady who unceremoniously walloped me last time I was here and who’d told me before Christmas that she planned to do the same again tonight… oh God!  But, looking at her, I thought ‘Wow… what a way to go!’

As more people arrived, some lovely friends of mine were amongst them… a gorgeous tgirl and her female partner, both decidedly dominant… and a lovely sexy tgirl I’ve known for years (and so has half the male population, by all accounts… hehe!)

I was soon deep in conversation with everyone, with time simply flying by until a yummy hot supper was produced and we all tucked in but, shortly after we’d eaten, my Mistress decided my time had arrived and I was soon upended over the amazing spanking bench in the dungeon and tied down.

My short silver dress was no match for her and I didn’t feel her flick it up out of the way.  Presumably she did (the photo shows that!) but I was in no state to notice, not being able to move.  She proceeded to use her nasty little wooden paddle on my bare cheeks… all over them… stingy or what?   Oh yes… and when she moved on to a wicked leather one, my yelps soon attracted an audience who seemed to relish watching and hearing my pain and discomfort… the sods!


It’s my turn now… hehe!


With a deeply glowing (and aching!) bottom, I was finally untied and allowed to get up, only for my place over the bench to be taken by another tgirl who’d obviously been very naughty… though I’ve no idea why.  Anyway, the fabulous Prettylady got going on her bottom and I soon joined in too, wielding that leather paddle so the loud cracks attracted yet more people along to see what it was all about.  Well I had to do something to take my mind off my throbbing bottom, didn’t I… and, despite being a subby tart, I do occasionally really enjoy walloping the daylights out of some other girlie bottoms… hehe!

When we’d finished, and had joined a small gathering of friends outside the dungeon, I decided to recite a naughty little Christmas poem to my Mistress that I thought appropriate.  I’d written it some years ago but thought it adapted nicely for Prettylady last night.   And in the group there, I noticed a lovely young girl… female, there with a tall tgirl.  My Mistress and I soon found that she was in need of… and rather relished… a spanking so, as she preferred some privacy, the three of us decamped to a quiet room where we placed her on all fours up on a bed at just the right height.  Alternately, my Mistress used her nasty wooden paddle on her cheeks and I spanked her with my hand until those cheeks turned a very pretty colour… pink on pink… hehe!

Now, I come back to my Master down there on the south coast…  remember him?  His ‘requirement’ was very much in my mind all through the evening and, now, I located the first man I’d seen when I arrived…DSCN2030a

What do you call a bed that is amply large enough for at least four people?  Quadruple?  Well, this one was big enough for six…  so would that be SEXtuple…?  I reckon that sounds pretty appropriate… hehe… ‘cos, in the dim lighting of this large room, he was lying back on it with two pretty tgirls and lots of sex going on… and still plenty of spare room for me to climb up with him.  His cock was already out and rampant so it was an easy job for me to kneel down and lower my lips over it.  Using my tongue, I licked it up and down its length a few times, feeling it strengthen even more, before taking it right down into my throat and wriggling my throat muscles.  It throbbed down there deliciously and I began to lift up until its head was between my tight lips… and then down again all the way… again and again.

His breathing got heavier and he was clearly enjoying himself… as indeed, I was enjoying giving him the pleasure he wanted as well as feeling very happy that I was complying with my Master’s command of two weeks ago!

But this lovely man wanted more from me too and, soon, he’d turned me round, fitted himself with some protection, and buried himself deep in my pussy!  He thrust away in me and I couldn’t help crying out with the pleasure of feeling him so hard and deep inside me.  But he went at me only for about a minute, before leaning down to tell me he was getting close.   I simply told him not to stop and, a few seconds later, he came hard, moaning and grunting massively!

As I’ve said before, I adore it when a guy comes hard like that ‘cos I see it as a measure of how excited I’ve made him… how much I’m turning him on.  I also adore being the vehicle for his pleasure.



But when he cleaned himself and headed off for a badly needed drink, I was still feeling really worked up and, watching the three writhing tgirls elsewhere on the huge bed… yes, there were three now… was really turning me on even more.   I couldn’t resist stroking myself and, within seconds, found myself building.  The last thing I wanted to do was stop now, so I simply asked if anyone wanted to take it.  A petite tgirl there turned her face to me and I aimed at her mouth but, just at my point of no return, she turned her head slightly and I shot a huge amount all over her pretty face!

It was covered and shining wetly, all over… hehe… but her smile was broad and genuine!  She told me that that was the first time she’d had cum over her face and she loved it, going on to thank me warmly ‘cos, she said, she was particularly delighted that it was me who did it for her!  Isn’t that sweet?  I have to say, I loved doing it too… so thank you, darling!

So ended a really fun night in a lovely, friendly place and I owe big thanks to the owners for enabling such a great party.  It had been billed as a ‘Nearly New Year’s’ party, which was actually true… and it gave me just enough time to get home from my hotel the next day, write this post for my Blog, and still be in time to wish you all a very happy New Year!  But, before I do, I send a very warm ‘thank you’ to the lovely W for some fab photos!

So… HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you… and I hope I’ll be meeting lots more of you in the coming year ‘cos I’m looking forward to another naughty one… hehe!

Joanna xxx

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Christmas Spankfest?

Yes… a spankfest it certainly was!  But it’s only fair to tell you straight away that I didn’t actually take part!  Awwww!


Singing some naughty songs…

Why then, you may ask, am I telling you about it?

Well, it’s not quite right that I didn’t take part, but out of the hundred or so men and girls there, all involved in delightedly spanking the living daylights out of each other, I didn’t get spanked by a single girl or guy and I only got to spank two lovely girls, one of whom happened to be a special friend.

So why?… ‘cos I was actually the coat-check girl in the cloakroom… hehe.  That’s why!

Sounds boring?  Well, someone’s got to do it!

You know, I always thought that Santa was a big fat bloke with a huge bushy tache and long beard, but looking at all these lovely, nubile girls, all dressed in the briefest and raunchiest of Santa outfits… oh ok, and mine was a bit on the short side too.. hehe!… I’m obviously going to have to rethink!

Actually I did do a bit more than just check in the customers’ coats and bags ‘cos, when the early spanking session ended, and the lunch break was announced, I was introduced by the compere as the first part of the ‘entertainment’ and headed out on to the main floor amongst all the guests to perform for them… singing three of my naughty songs.


Told you I was the coat-check girl, didn’t I?

I’ve sung them before on a few occasions, as you may know, but not recently and I had to spend an inordinate amount of time over the previous days to refresh my memory of the lyrics.  I wrote them all myself so you might think I’d easily remember them, but you’d be wrong.  I’m a ditsy girl at the best of times (as some of you already know) so remembering three whole songs doesn’t work too well in my little brain!

Still, I made a sterling effort and actually managed to get all the lyrics right.

Well, just about… not that anyone should have noticed the bloop… hehe!  Yes there was only one but the electronics man was having more that a spot of bother with the sound console that seemed not only to have a mind of its own but actually seemed determined not to want me to sing!  It kept starting my backing tracks half way through a song instead of at the beginning… which doesn’t work too well!  Still, a bit of blagging on the microphone kept everyone happy and, once we got it all sorted, they all rattled along nicely, despite the mike lead being so short that it stopped me moving more than three feet or so from the console!

Ah well, you can’t have everything, I suppose, and most of the guys and girls there seemed to enjoy them, so that was a relief!


Photos courtesy of Bobette… thanks darling!

So why was it a spankfest?  Well, after the lunch break (and my songs), they all got back together, no doubt fortified by the delicious array of food laid out, as well as the interesting range of alcoholic beverages flowing from the bar!  The next couple of hours was a veritable spankfest with some thirty or so nubile female Santas lying, bared bottoms up, across male knees… and often vice-versa too(!)… with hands galore raining down on them!  The resulting cacophony of sound was not far off that of a machine gun with an un-ending belt of ammunition!

Many bottoms turned a most pleasing hue, varying between pale pink and livid red… (shades of pink look so good on girls… as I’ve found out to my cost on occasion!)… and the ‘machine gun’ sounds were complemented by many ooooohs and aaaaahs from the delighted recipients… hehe!  It was a very pretty sight… and I rather wished that my bottom was being pinked up nicely too!  Ah well… I’m sure it will be soon enough…

So that was my day today.  It was great fun but, by the end of it, I have to say I was pretty knackered.  Well, you try standing and walking around on tall stilettos for all of six hours non-stop!  It’s hard work and not very comfortable, as some of you girls will testify, I’m sure.

Anyway, the time now has come to wish you a happy… and very naughty… Christmas and, if all goes well,  I’ll be back here very soon after Christmas to tell you about some more naughty things that I’m planning to get up to before New Year arrives.  And what’s more, a certain Prettylady has already told me that what I didn’t get today, she’ll be making sure I definitely get then… oooooohh!  And then, there’s the instruction that a Master on the south coast issued me with a couple of weeks ago that I will have to carry out for him there…  and no, I’m not letting on what that is except to say it’s naughty and I’m trembling a bit…!

Have fun… xx