Bottoms are made for spanking!

I was out again last night… and at a party that was deliciously unusual.

At the Hellfire Club, apart from lots of glamorous tgirls, there were also several gorgeous females with their partners and I had a great time chatting with lots of people.

On my way there, I’d picked up a sweet, subby tgirl from a local hotel where she was staying.  It was her first time out at a party and I think she enjoyed it a lot… especially as I dropped her back at her hotel later with her bottom glowing like the rising sun!  But that was later…DSCN3807e

It was lovely to see a female Mistress friend and her tart there… the first time I’d seen them both for a good many months and, later, she and I ‘collaborated’ a bit down in the dungeon.

But in the meantime, I’d been chatting with a lovely couple from down under… a gorgeous submissive girl and her Master.  I really enjoyed chatting with them, without realising that, later, I’d be doing more than just chatting!

The tgirl I’d brought along from her hotel needed a good spanking… and she deserved it too… so I took her down to the dungeon and draped her across a spanking bench.

Some of you probably know by now that I’m rather good at spanking… even if it does mean I’m blowing my own trumpet… and a very experienced and kinky author friend, based in London, told me a few years back that I am possibly one of the most experienced ‘practitioners’ in London.  I’ve certainly spanked well over 350 people over the last few years… mostly females but also some tgirls and even a handful of guys.

I’ve also taught several professional London Dominatrices in the finer arts of walloping bottoms too… and yes, to do it properly really is an art… and the nice result of that has been that, some time later when, on occasion, I’ve found myself chatting with submissives in clubs, I’ve sometimes had extolled to me the skills of certain Dommes who I actually taught… so I must be doing something right! DSCN3809e

Anyway, this tart had her skirt pulled up and her cheeks thoroughly heated… and not just by me either.  My lovely Mistress friend joined us and a yummy spanking time was had by all… well, by her and me anyway.  All the tart on the bench did was wriggle and squirm and keep crying out… you just can’t please some people!

When she’d had enough, I had a hankering to feel the Mistress’ suede flogger myself, so I took the tart’s place on the bench and adored the feeling of soft suede being swished hard across my bare cheeks… mmmm!

Then I spotted that lovely couple from down under again and, seeing how I was fully ‘in the groove’ by now, I asked the Master if he’d allow me to spank his sub.  He seemed delighted to agree so, once she was lying over the bench, I slipped her little black skirt up her back to reveal the most miniscule red string tight up between her cheeks.  Her delicious little bottom was pushing out as if asking for my attention… so I gave it to her!

I spanked her fairly gently at first until she said she liked it much harder… so I did!  Her pretty cheeks became redder and hotter as my hand landed ever harder until I had her gasping and crying out, screwing up her face with the pain.  I so enjoyed seeing her pain in her eyes… so pretty!DSCN3808e

Then my Mistress friend wanted to have a go at her so I sat down in front of her face and stared into her eyes to watch the pain that was being spanked into her bottom registering across her face!  Mmmmmm… lovely… hehe.

We’d just finished and were standing up, hugging and kissing each other, when a tgirl I knew very well came flouncing into the Dungeon.  She’s always such a tart and I knew precisely what she needed so, in short shrift, she was upended over that same spanking bench with her bared bottom being heated up deliciously, by both me and the Mistress.  Actually, it wasn’t quite bared, ‘cos she still wore a very flimsy pair of transparent net panties, but I didn’t think they gave her any protection and that was proved by the way she was crying and complaining at the top of her voice!  Such a drama queen… and she really did deserve it too!

I dropped my tgirl back at her hotel later and reckoned we’d both had a rather exciting night.  I know she did, probably feeling her throbbing bottom all night in her hotel room.  And I like to think that the lovely girl from down under had a throbbing bottom too and, hopefully, courtesy of her Master, it wasn’t just her bottom that was throbbing for the rest of the night… hehe! 

And I certainly did too… after all, what are bottoms for?

Another yummy blonde…


An old photo of me!

…And I don’t mean me, either!

Before I continue, I’m sorry there’s only one photo of me in here today!  It’s most unusual, I know, ‘cos I’m sure you guessed long ago that I’m a tart when it comes to photos of myself… hehe… but read on and you’ll realise that this post isn’t about me at all.  It’s about my clothes!

I had a really lovely time yesterday when a cute young tgirl, who I’d met recently, came round to try on a few clothes that I had surplus to my requirements.  We all hear about girls with hoards of clothes in their wardrobes that rarely get worn… and being told that they should clear out any that haven’t been worn for over a year and get some new ones.

Well, I have two thoughts on that. My first is that comments like that must have been made by people in the fashion industry who want all of us girls to buy more clothes!  Ok… so I’m a cynic… and proud of it too… hehe!

My other thought is that, there is sometimes a good reason to clear out certain items… especially when, as in my case, over the years I’ve gone er… well… let’s just politely say… up a size!  It happens to all of us, of course, and when girls like me could squeeze into little skirts and dresses ten years ago but can’t quite get the zip to do up now, the time has come to find someone who they will fit.

I’m always very careful about looking after my clothes but even the nicest and best quality items don’t often have expanding waistbands! Not that my waistline has really moved much… I try to look after that too… but, inevitably, good living takes a bit of a toll and, over the years, has pushed me up a size… only one, mind!

But it’s enough, so it’s time to find a cute girl who’ll fit into some of them nicely and, most importantly, will look good in them.  I’d so much rather that than send them off to a charity shop.


I couldn’t resist it!

Over the last year or so, I’ve passed some ‘spare’ clothes on to a few cute girls who have looked really lovely in them and, yesterday, another girl looked absolutely gorgeous in a few items… so they are hers now!

But our time together wasn’t purely about clothes.  She was so lovely that I couldn’t resist having a look at her pretty bottom and giving it a few… well, more than a few… gentle spanks!  Oh, and my cock was so hard by then that, while she was strapped down across my bench and entirely at my mercy, I had to slip it into her open mouth, didn’t I?   Of course I did!  Mind you, when I stood her up shortly after, she was as hard as I was so I dropped to my knees and slipped my own lips around her too.  Well, why wouldn’t I?  One good turn always deserves another!

You know, I’m a very discreet girl, so I’ve only added one photo of her here that she’s approved.  She really is a delightful little blonde and, unlike me… who quite often has all sorts of ‘blonde’ moments (giggle)… she’s very intelligent too!

Who said I’m an evil girl?

What a rotten thing to say!… Well really… isn’t it?  And here was I, just being my usual happy-go-lucky self… a pussycat even!

Still, he was a rather nice man and I honestly think that his comment was more about the yummy feelings that my lips had just given him than any innate witchery in me!  Actually, I’ve never been called a witch before either.  I’ve been called something very similar many times… but I think that was usually pronounced with a ‘b’!

But he was later.  When I arrived at that lovely party just up the road from me, I was delighted to see several lovely friends.  I had some really good chats with a few tgirls and guys before a hand gripped my shoulder.  He was a good looking man who, when he introduced himself, I realised I’d chatted with him online from time to time, but not recently.  In fact I couldn’t even remember when we’d last chatted.  He was from one of those countries down south, in the antipodes.  I often find myself chatting online with interesting guys and girls from abroad and you can’t get much further ‘abroad’ than him!

IMG_5224eActually he was lovely… and assertive too…  and, after we started chatting today, he reminded me that I deserved a spanking.  It’s funny how I’m often told that, yet I can rarely remember why!  Still, reasons never seem to come into it ‘cos I usually get spanked anyway… and today was no exception.

He told me to get upstairs into an empty bedroom and unceremoniously bent me down over the end of the bed.  He was so determined, I couldn’t possibly say no.  My dress was fairly short, especially on one side (the hem was finished at an angle so the right side was down towards my knee and the left side high up on my thigh, showing a hint of stocking top), but he threw it up on my back anyway.  Underneath I was wearing a lovely purple satin thong with an interesting arrangement to hold it in place.  Instead of the usual elastic waistband, this had long satin ties that wound around my sides to be tied in a big satin bow just above my bottom.

Well, I can’t quite remember who said what to whom (I was feeling a bit preoccupied by then), but he seemed to really enjoy pulling that bow apart to let the whole delicious garment fall to the floor.  Of course, he could have just spanked me with it still in place… after all it was essentially just a thong with a thin strap up between my cheeks, but I now realised he wanted more as his hands now went walkabout between my legs and right on round to my front, where I was already getting pretty hard!

After a good fondle that made me very aroused indeed, he started to spank me.  He spanked hard… and it felt great too.  On and on he went until, pausing, he drew his belt out from his trouser loops, and started to whip it across my cheeks.  Of course, it stung a bit but, fortunately, not too much and I soon found myself enjoying it, whilst wondering if his trousers had fallen down yet!

When he stopped, he pulled me up and turned me round to sit back down on the bed.  As soon as I did, his cock was out through his trousers and pointing at me.  It was HARD!… and his trousers were still buttoned tightly around his waist!… (do men wear a belt even when they don’t really need to, just so they can take it off and whip it across any pretty bottoms they happen upon?  Yes… definitely!)

Of course, as the wonderful Ronnie Corbett used to admit, I knew my place!  My mouth opened and in it went.  I sucked hard and kept on sucking, licking and lapping at it until he decided he wanted to strap me again with his belt.  Telling me to get on my knees on a chair that happened to be conveniently left there by someone (whoever it was should be shot…), he made me bend forward over its back and then whipped that belt hard across my cheeks!  Oh God… yes of course it stung!  Being leathered always does sting, but I hung on until he stopped, when I knew the pain would start to ease and leave that familiar, gorgeous glow that I knew so well and always loved, to seep deep into my bottom.  Oh yessssss…


His leather belt did this!

Back downstairs again, I found a delicious young blonde tgirl I’d never seen before and started to chat with her.  She told me she lived abroad for most of the time and was here on a brief visit.  I warmed to her, recognising that she was so like me in my early years as a girl when, early in the 2000s, I’d been trained by my American Mistress.

I really enjoyed chatting with her and hope very much that we’ll stay in touch and meet again on a future visit.

Thinking about her as I relaxed in the chillout room, my reverie was soon ended when another really nice man, sitting next to me, started to caress my thigh as we chatted.  As I’m sure you know by now, that usually gets me going and, sure enough, we headed out and up the stairs to find a quiet nook somewhere.  As it happened, that ‘nook’ was a rather large bedroom with a double double bed in it and erotic drapes above… and that wasn’t a typo either… it was a DOUBLE DOUBLE bed… room enough for eight at least… probably more!

We had some lovely fun on that big bed… sometimes I was sucking his cock… other times he was sucking mine… and I even turned round for a yummy soixante neuf… and if you’re not sure what that means, look it up in a French dictionary… (and it is not the French version of 57 varieties!).  Such a nice man… and I suspect it was probably after I’d got his cock so very sensitive that he shot my mouth full of cum that he said I was evil!  Even though I say so myself, I did a pretty good job on him.  I must have done, to get him to cum so heavily again after he’d already cum (with another girl!) only a short while  earlier.  And, later, he told me that was the first time he’d cum twice in the same party!  Maybe that’s what he meant by ‘evil’… ‘deliciously evil’!  I do hope so… I like the idea of that!

I was washing my hands in the bathroom having left the door open when another tgirl friend I’ve known for more years than, fortunately, my ditsy brain can remember, came in and I suggested she deserved a spanking… er, for interloping on me!  Ok I know it was my fault for leaving the door open, but who cares when there’s a chance I’d get to spank a pretty bottom.  She willingly turned and bent down, her hands on the side of the bath, her bottom sticking out towards me.  Of course, I yanked her little pvc skirt up to reveal her pretty cheeks (with a little black thong pulled up tight between them),  then started in on them.  She squealed a bit at first, then as the heat began to rise (and the pink began to glow), she started to enjoy it… if her little mews and smiles meant anything.  Yummy!

Not long afterwards, I was downstairs again with a drink in my hand when I bumped into an old friend… er, sorry my friend… a not-so-old friend… (ok with that?).  I’d had a fab time with him here some months earlier so I felt it’d be good to refresh my memory of him.  We found another empty bedroom and I locked us in.  He was rampant and couldn’t wait to get his cock into me.  So he did.

I was on my back with my parted legs straight up in the air, as he gripped my ankles and thrust in… and out, of course… over and over again!  I always love that position… where a man is standing looking down at me, holding me in position for him as he thrusts into me.  It makes me feel so submissive and slutty… which is appropriate really, ‘cos I s’pose that’s what I am!

He also wrapped his lips around my cock… it was hard as a rock now too… and sucked at it as hard as he could while his finger sank into my bottom.  Oh God… that always feels so deliciously naughty… and soooo heavenly!

As another naughty afternoon drew to a close, tiredness threatening to make me crash out on the sofa, I headed home imbued with some more delightful and erotic feelings… and fond memories of some dear long-term friends… and some yummy new ones!

p.s.   Sorry I only have two photos for you today… I didn’t get much chance to take some.  But, if you’re feeling hard done by, have a look at yesterday’s photos below too…


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A Special Offer…!

Here I am again… like a bad penny… but in my case, it’s a bad Joanna!

And, if you must know, yes… I was!


A red ‘belle’ pretending to be a bluebell!…  or, as a friend later suggested…  a Bluebell Girl… (and you’ll need to be 70 or more to remember what that was!)

Today, I was again out in the depths of leafy Kent at CT19 and had a great time.  Seeing how we’ve had lovely warm and dry weather since before Easter, it was gorgeous getting out with a lovely tgirl and wandering through the secluded woods there, amongst the wonderful bluebells blossoming, er… blue-tifully!  We even stopped and pretended to be bluebells ourselves for the camera!

It wasn’t cold and, even without a coat, I didn’t get goosebumps, but I’m longing for summer weather ‘cos I’d love to get out there with a guy or three and have some fun in the woods with them… oh yessss!

So here’s an offer… er… a Special Offer!  Any of you guys and girls who come to meet me there in the summer months… as long as it’s not been wet to make my heels sink in and swallow me up in a swamp or something, you can take me into the woods and have your wicked way with me underneath the branches… hehe!  And if you’re dominant, maybe you’d like to tie me down over a tree trunk and use a whippy cane across my bottom first!  (Oh God… what am I saying?)


An enticing prospect?

Now, who’s going to tell me that isn’t an enticing prospect?  Oh, all right, I know I’m pushing the credibility gap a bit ‘cos, I bet, there are loads of lovely girls out there who you’d love to get at in the woods before me but, tell me, guys and girls… has any other girl offered you that recently?

I thought not… hehe!

I was wearing my new white knee boots with high silver stilettos today but I think the woods must have scared them ‘cos, once indoors, the entire heel fell off one of them! Fortunately I’d put a spare pair of shoes in my car so I went out to change into them.

Back in the ‘naughty’ rooms indoors with my tgirl friend, I found some nice looking guys up in the semi darkness upstairs.  At least, I assume they were nice looking ‘cos it was a bit on the dark side and I couldn’t really see much!  Anyway, various hands started to creep around and under my short lacy skirt causing some rather nice feelings to start building!  I bent forward with my arms down on a bed and eased my legs apart so they all had better access but my tgirl friend took that as an opportunity to rain some pretty hard spanks down on my cheeks!  Not that I minded ‘cos, actually, they felt delicious… especially as the other hands didn’t stop their wanderings.  In fact, it was only when another girl had got so aroused that she plunged her cock into me, that the spanking stopped.


Relaxing in the nice lounge area

On the bed, right in front of me, was a naked, fit-looking man lying on his back and, when I saw his big, thick cock pointing up at me… well, what’s a girl s’posed to do?

So I did.

Leaning forward, I dived my lips down over it and WOW!  There was a yummy round head to it that I licked and lapped with my tongue and lips but, the further down I went, the wider and wider my mouth was forced to stretch… until eventually reaching his tummy, I couldn’t even wriggle my tongue, I was so full!  He was huge… deliciously huge!

By now, the girl in my pussy had withdrawn so the guy in front of me got up and went round behind me to take her place.  With a condom fitted, he pressed forward into my little hole, forcing it wider and wider.. just like my mouth had been!  Suddenly he was through… and started to plough me.

Talk about being filled… but the more he went at me, the better it felt… so if I tell you that, by the time he finished and pulled out, I was overwhelmed with excitement, you’ll understand that he went at me pretty damned hard… just how a strong, dominant man should when he fucks a subby tart like me!


My little thong was very shiny… but a shame about the shoes!

After a break, in which a mug of tea went down a treat, I headed back upstairs to sit and watch a naughty film, but very soon was joined by a nice guy who came to sit alongside me. I couldn’t help myself.  I just reached out and gripped his hard shaft that was already sticking out from his trousers.  He shifted a little to slip them down a bit which made it easier for me and, as another guy came up and sat down close to us, I dropped to my knees and transferred that lovely cock into my mouth.  I sucked him sensuously for a while as the other guy’s hands, stroking through between my own parted legs, now felt so good too.

As this went on, two more guys…. or maybe they were girls ‘cos I couldn’t see behind me… came and joined in stroking me.  I always find myself melting when I’m being treated like that and, with that cock though my lips, I was in seventh heaven!

But time was moving on and even the best things must come to an end.  Much as I’d have liked to stay longer, I decided that the evils of motorway driving in the rush hour were to be avoided at all costs… so I headed home, happy as a sand girl!

I really hope to get back there soon and I’m looking forward to summer weather there too.  Don’t forget my Special Offer… and let me know if you want to take me up on it!

Truth?… or Fantasy?

aJ72eAs my regular readers know, it’s pretty unusual for me to write a post here about something I’ve not actually done ‘cos I’m always telling everyone that my Blog is ‘all true’.

You’ve probably already read my post below, about my last party (2nd April) so, seeing how I haven’t been out to a party since then,  you’re probably wondering what I am writing about today?

Well, ten days ago I went down with a nasty cold and my only defence was to stay indoors, keep warm and drink various ‘cold cure’ potions.  I say ‘various’ because, to keep boredom at bay, I chatted online with lots of guys and tgirls and it’s amazing how many of you offered really constructive ideas about the right medicines I should take.

They included whisky, brandy, rum, wine, beer and even gin and tonic (I tried them all… well, who wouldn’t?)… all most palatable and edifying, of course… but, in particular, there was one cure that was recommended by so many of you as a ‘wonderful cure for all ailments’ (my quotes), that I had to take note.  Seeing how so many recommended it, I reckoned it must be really good… just what a girl like me needed to get shot of it… er, of my cold, I mean.

aJ12eInstead of the large glasses of whisky and things that I had been throwing down my throat with increasing gusto, this treatment would involve lots injections, as often as possible, of warm, creamy fluid!  I was reliably advised, of course, that it had to be injected personally by their donors, all of whom seemed pretty desperate to visit me straight away… on my deathbed… to carry out the treatment!  I must say, I felt really gratified that so many of you wanted to get me well again so quickly, so let me say to you all now… thank you so much… I was very touched to feel your concern!

Much as, in normal circumstances, all that treatment would have been VERY warmly welcomed, I soon realised that, if I was to properly appreciate it, I would need to feel really well first… which might rather defeat the object of the treatment!

Still, as I would never wish to disappoint any of you, now that I’m emerging nicely from my cold and am feeling so much better, I’m all ready (and gagging!) for your treatment.  I hope I shall soon meet many of you so you can give me all those injections that you said I so badly need…!

aJ21eBut what I also wanted to say to you here is that, while I was sneezing, coughing and spluttering and being utterly unsociable, I found myself starting to write a story, to help allay the boredom.  This story has turned out to be rather naughty… actually, extremely naughty… and very kinky too!  I’ve currently completed over fifty pages of A4 and it’s still running.  It’s actually made me pretty aroused too, being so personally (and deeply) involved in it, so who knows where it’ll end?  Certainly I don’t.. and I’m writing the damn thing!  But I plan to keep on writing to the end of the road… er, the end of the story, I mean!

Although my story is fiction… well, more a fantasy really… something I’d just love to experience from a crowd of you one weekend sometime, telling you about it here and now is absolutely true… as is also everything I said about the cold treatment you recommended!

So, although it’s partly about a fantasy of mine, this post is still true… so I’m not a little fibber, am I?  I really am an honest girl… always was and always will be… and, to mix various assorted metaphors and quotes, if you believe that, your a better girl than me… Bungdi Tin!

p.s. Knowing how you all like photos, I’ve rummaged around in my filing to find a few that you might not have seen… and here they are.  They have absolutely nothing to do with my story… or my cold… but I hope you enjoy them anyway!

Who’s an April Fool?

Just as well it’s the 2nd April and not the 1st , otherwise even I might have thought myself a fool… and I’m sure some of you might have too.  But no… today’s the day after, so I just missed it… (thank God!)

And why might I have been a ‘fool’?  Well… having been out partying only a few days ago, even I was surprised to be out again so soon.  I’m a very busy girl and don’t get much time to recuperate and relax sometimes and, with an early start today, I didn’t feel too refreshed as I headed off to CT19 in the depths of Kent .


My slinky ‘Bordello Mistress’ dress!

But when a dominant man tells a girl like me that he wants her, how does she tell him ‘no’?  Ok… so maybe it wasn’t quite as definite as that but he still wanted me there today… and also said that I was to take a cane with me too.  Oh God… I guessed what that meant…

But how often do the best-laid plans not work out?  In my case, pretty often!  And today, he didn’t turn up… which might have been a shame if it hadn’t meant that I didn’t get that caning  he’d told me to expect… hehe!

But there were a few lovely girls and guys out there in a nice venue surrounded by secluded woodland.  It wasn’t busy but it was definitely quality, if not quantity.

On arrival, I found a lovely tgirl I’d been chatting with recently who kindly showed me around and, soon, I bumped into a lovely man who I’d met for the first time only last week.  If you read my last Blog post (from last Wednesday), he’s in there… and I probably enjoyed him as much as he enjoyed me then… hehe!

It was lovely to see him again and, of course, he soon had me down on my knees showing me just how pleased he was to see me… and getting me to show him how pleased I was to see him!  No, it wasn’t a mutual admiration group… just a way of old new friends greeting each other.  Watch out, guys… this could catch on… (giggle)!

After a cup of tea in the lounge, the two of us headed upstairs into the naughty areas where there were a couple of large beds in dark alcoves as well as some comfy seating, also in darkened alcoves.  This time we were joined by the lovely girl who welcomed me earlier and then another tgirl turned up too.  There might have been a couple of guys in the background too but, by now, I wasn’t aware of too much ‘cos he was on his back on a bed and my face was down on his tummy with my mouth bang full of his hard cock.  All I was aware of was that my bottom was up in the air a bit… and, with my slinky ‘Bordello Mistress’ dress that had slits right up both sides of the skirt, it hadn’t taken much effort on her part to slip her hand under the dress and stroke me rather deliciously.DSCN3739e

But I had other plans for his cock so I lifted off and slipped a condom over it.  Then I lowered myself down towards it, felt it nudge up against my little hole, then pressed down!  He filled me beautifully as I started to ride him and just kept on going.

After a while, with my legs now aching a bit, I lifted off, knelt down on the bed as he moved round behind me, and I felt his big cock plunge in hard again and, this time, he hammered into me… wow!

Yes, it was delicious…. truly delicious.  It had been a while since I’d had a hard cock embedded up there and I made a mental note not to allow myself so long before next time!

I needn’t have worried ‘cos my day was only just beginning… hehe!

When, at last, he pulled out, in a state of semi exhaustion, he lay down on his back again and I leant over him for my lips to slip over his cock again.  But this time, those girls behind me had ideas of their own and, while I sucked him like there was no tomorrow, various hands roamed all over my bottom and between my legs, one of them starting to spank my cheeks.  And she didn’t pussyfoot around either.  She spanked like a Trojan… just how I need it!

And the other girl didn’t stop either ‘cos her cock had hardened and, with a condom in place, she slipped it into my gaping pussy too.  But sadly our height above the floor didn’t match and she popped out again, rather too quickly for my liking!

Another welcome cup of tea downstairs went down my throat easily as I said goodbye to my friend and he headed out, presumably, to do some work or something.

Now another nice looking man sat and chatted with me.  I discovered that we’d also chatted online before and, having bought me the tea, how could I not thank him for it?  So, of course, we headed upstairs together where we sat down in front of some rather poor porn showing on a TV… er, a television, that is… (have to be careful about saying that in tgirl company… hehe)… and alongside another man I’d also been chatting online with.  I do seem to chat with lots of guys, don’t I?… hehe.DSCN3745e

As we watched the… er… television, they both reached across to stroke my nyloned thighs, one each side, and then found my satin covered bulge between my legs (I was wearing little satin panties in the same purple colour as my dress). I felt them stroke me there, causing my eyes to close with the pleasurable sensations.  It felt so good that I knew I had to have them both in my mouth so, suggesting they move positions so I could get at them, I dropped to my knees and took them alternately in my mouth, giving each a good suck before switching to the other.   I enjoyed doing this several times… and they rather enjoyed it too, I think!

But eventually, we all needed more…  and we got up and headed out towards a vacant bed!

Both of them now naked, their hard cocks were rampantly at the ready so I didn’t know which to choose first.  Then I hit on the idea of them spitroasting me… perfect, I thought!  But I told you earlier about the best plans going awry, didn’t I?  Well, this one did too!

My latest friend lay back on the bed.  His cock was hard as a rock… and really thick too, so I decided I’d sit on him and then take my other friend’s cock in my mouth.  He slipped a condom on and, straddling his chest, I lowered myself down.  I felt my hole nudge his big cock and then I pushed down firmly… all the way.

Well, there wasn’t even time to get the other cock through my lips ‘cos suddenly, he was erupting… gasping as he filled that condom inside me.  It had only taken that one hard push down to tip him over the edge!  Wow!  Now he was collapsed on the bed totally drained.

So much for our spitroast… but when I lifted off him, I decided to give them both a little show.  I carefully removed the condom with it’s contents still inside, then turned it upside down above my face and poured his cum down my throat, before turning to his cum-smeared cock and licking it clean for him!  They both seemed to enjoy that… hehe!

He went off shortly after, leaving me with the other friend who now lay back, naked, on the bed.

But I wasn’t going to stop there… after all, I was really ‘up for it’ now, so I leant down, took him through my lips and started to lick and suck him again.  We lay like that for a long time, his cock in my mouth, my tongue and lips continuously working him gently, and his hands sensuously stroking me.  It really was lovely… and not just for me… he seemed to be loving it too.



After quite a long time lying together, I got up and fitted a condom on him.  I really wanted to feel him inside me so I gently lowered myself down on him… all the way.  Then I lifted a little so he could start to plunge himself up into me while I looked down into his eyes.  He fucked me like that for several minutes… so wonderful… until, eventually, we both got up, turned about and he stood behind me as I knelt up on the bed.  His cock again sank into my pussy and started to plough me… oh yessssss!

After a few more minutes of delicious thrusting, he lay down while I again lay alongside him, taking his cock into my mouth yet again.  We lay there, relaxing, as I gently swirled his cock wetly and warmly around my mouth until Old Father Time caught up with us and we both realised that we needed to head home in our separate directions.

Before leaving, I thought about all those woods around the house.  In warmer and drier weather, I bet the woods can be pretty sexy!  I can’t wait to try them out so I’ll definitely be back before long.

And after several weeks of unfortunate abstinence, I’d had FOUR cocks in my pussy today… and that really was WOW!  I can’t wait to get back there again… and out in the woods too… and see what and, hopefully, ‘WHO’… I can find out there waiting for me!

And a final thought… I’ve never ever been caned out in the open air, so the woods might provide an interesting opportunity to lose yet another ‘virginity’!

So was I an April fool?  I don’t think so… hehe!!!

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I’m a good girl…

DSCN3732eAs you must know by now, I’m definitely a good girl… oh yes!  Ok, so I’m a bit of a party girl too and, today, there was a party to go to… just up the road.  Two days earlier, my week’s schedule had changed and, instead of a load of work, I found I had a clear afternoon, so I decided to go.

I’d been chatting with a nice-sounding man, R, in the last day or so and he’d told me he hoped to be there too, so I looked forward to meeting him.  Soon after I sat down in the lounge with a drink, he arrived and we chatted, joining me in the soft cushions of a comfy sofa.

My little purple satin dress was… well… a bit on the ‘little’ side I s’pose, ‘cos I had a bit of bother keeping the hem down far enough to cover and hide the front of my white lacy panties.  It didn’t seem to phase him though ‘cos, pretty soon, his hand was on my thigh, gently stroking it and slowly moving towards my crotch… and my dress was so short he didn’t even need to push it out of the way to reach it.

When someone’s fingers start to caress and stroke me there, I can’t help responding and today was no exception.  I felt myself quickly getting firmer inside my panties and that always raises some yummy feelings inside me. There were some rather gorgeous girls around too… as well as this hunky guy… so they probably helped, but mainly it was his delicious touch… tickly and erotic… that started me going.DSCN3727e

Inevitably, I soon needed more… and not just ‘cos I was nearly busting out of my panties either, so I suggested we go up to a bedroom and he immediately followed me out to the staircase.

Normally, when I climb stairs in front of guys, I find they hang back a bit so they can get a good look up my skirt as they follow me a few stairs behind… and I can usually ‘feel’ their eyes on my bottom.  But it didn’t feel R’s eyes today ‘cos, when I reached the half landing, I found him close up behind me.  He hadn’t thought of that one!

I soon discovered that he is very new to tgirls, having had only his very first encounter with one the day before.  He’d obviously enjoyed it… and so much so that he’d come here today to meet me… and I felt honoured at that too!  Chatting with him online the previous evening, R told me that he loved to spank girls but found it difficult to find girls who were happy to be spanked with more than a few gentle pats.

Maybe I made a mistake telling him that I was one of the girls who could be spanked properly ‘cos, now, he lost no time in sitting down on a bed and getting me down over his knees with my bottom in the air!

I never learn, do I?  Well, nearly all my dresses are pretty short and this one was well up with the shortest of them, so he didn’t even need to flick it up my back.  My white panties were already on show and fairly tight between my cheeks, but he still yanked them more tightly into my cleft so my cheeks were completely at his mercy.  He started slowly and gently… it felt lovely… and, after ten or so, he stepped them up a bit.  Not too much, though… they felt really yummy… and, with my face down on the bed, I didn’t even realise that the sound of the spanks had attracted several men and tgirls into the room to watch.  DSCN3723e Had I known that, I’d have felt a bit embarrassed, so it was just as well I didn’t.  Mind you, I’m quite used to being spanked in front of others now.  Years ago, when it first happened, I was mortified but, since then, I’ve got more used to it, although I still feel a frisson of humiliation… and excitement too… when it happens.

When he finished, I rolled off him on to the floor and, getting back on my knees, found myself between his parted thighs.  I looked up to see his fingers opening his trousers so I knew it was time to thank him.  I’m always made to thank my chastisers when I’ve been walloped and it always takes the same form… and I’m sure you can guess what that is!

So, yes… my lips slipped down over his hard, upstanding cock and worked it gently for several minutes, gradually getting deeper and stronger until I was going at it like a train!


… and NO… that’s not my own hand!

At this point, a tgirl friend of mine who’d come into the room climbed over him and sank her cock into his open mouth and we both went at him hard!  Mind you, he certainly seemed to be enjoying it all… a double dose of thanks!

A little later, chilling with another drink back in the lounge, he again stroked my nylon-wrapped thighs and, this time, went straight up for the ‘jugular’… er… well, my crotch, I mean!  Naturally, it again had an interesting effect inside my panties… oh yes!

But before I could think of what to do with it, my new friend decided it was time for another spanking and led me off upstairs again.  In a large bedroom, I found myself bent over with my panties around my thighs, waiting to feel his hand on my cheeks again.  But this time, he didn’t pussyfoot around.  Using a lot of his obvious strength (he’s a well-built man), he started to spank me… hard… on alternate cheeks.  He started at a fairly slow, regular pace and just kept going.IMG_5204e

I’ve no idea how long that took… maybe a few minutes… and certainly a good hundred or so spanks… but, at some point, he changed gear and suddenly rained his strong hand down on my bottom fast and hard.  It was impossible to count them at that speed but it was a tirade of really deliciously stinging spanks… must have been another couple of hundred at least.

My bottom was now feeling pretty damn hot but he hadn’t finished yet.  He now picked up a black leather strap and swung it across my bottom again and again… probably thirty or forty of them… WOW!

By the time he finished, I reckon he’d worn himself out!  Certainly my bottom was throbbing… but it wasn’t a nasty throb… it was a really erotic feeling.  He certainly knew what he was doing… and how to do it, unlike so many guys who think they do but actually don’t!  His result felt wonderful and delicious and it left me wondering just how far he might push me in the future.  Given his performance today, I rather look forward to finding that out… and I suspect it might not be very long before I do!  Watch this space… I’ll tell you all about it when it happens!

DSCN3725eNow it was my turn to climb aboard him and I straddled his face to let my hard cock slip into his mouth.  Once it was there, I leant forward and down to take his cock through my lips.  I rocked back and forth on him for several minutes, letting my cock go deep when I lifted out to his head… and then back so that mine was out at his lips while he was deep in my throat.  At the same time, he reached up to slip a finger into my ‘pussy’ so that, as I rocked, his finger plunged in and out too.  Wow… what a feeling!

I ended up chilling in the lounge again, pretty tired by then… and sitting on a very hot bottom.  Again, another guy sitting next to me slipped his hands over my nyloned thighs and slid their way up to the ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’… hehe!

But I’m still wondering why I was given that lengthy spanking and strapping.  After all, I’m not a bad girl… I’m a good girl.  All my men friends say so.  In fact, they usually say I’m very good indeed…!