Socialising and posing!

Yes, I was up to some more socialising last night which is always good fun.

DSCN2700eeI went out to south west London to the excellent Hellfire Club where I also found some good space to set up and pose for some interesting photos for you, so here are a few of them below.


I’m embarrassed and blushing!

But before I show you those, here are a couple of others from the evening… one of which I was told by my Master to take for him.  I’m sure you’ll guess that it’s this one… in the loo!  So, this is for you, Sir… (blushing!)








As you may have surmised from the photos I’ve posted over the years, both here in my Blog and in my Gallery, boring and ordinary photographs just don’t interest me.  Although I know that, in my collection, there are some (hopefully not too many!), it’s because, occasionally, it’s just not possible, despite keeping my eyes open, to find a spontaneous location that is a bit different, has some imaginative ambient lighting and works well for photographs.DSCN2679e

There aren’t many places that have all those attributes but The Hellfire Club is one!

I hope you enjoy these images and find them unusual enough to be stimulating in some way.

Personally I’m not sure which ones I like most so please do send me a comment suggesting your faves… I’d love to hear from you.DSCN2692eDSCN2689aeDSCN2680e.jpg


Just like a woman..

I’ve made a fantastic discovery!

Some months ago, a new TV… (er… television,that is!)… channel was launched called Talking Pictures TV and the good news is that it’s NOT a pay channel… it’s on Freeview channel 81!


Have you seen it?  Being a lover of old movies… by which I mean old enough to be mostly in black and white… I’ve become slightly addicted to Talking Pictures TV and happened to be watching it three nights ago when a film started up with a young Julie Walters starring.  It was called ‘Just Like a Woman‘… (and it was actually in colour too).

It was all about Julie Walters’ character taking in a lodger who turned out to be a transvestite.  It was the best film about TVs that I’ve ever seen so, if you don’t know it, do try to see it.  I’m sure they’ll show it on Talking Pictures TV again in due course so keep an eye out for it… it’s really excellent and very enjoyable… a ‘must see’ for anyone interested in tgirls.

And on that high, I went off to meet a couple of lovely friends last night.  Well, to be honest, it was one old friend and one new friend (his lovely tgirl)… and before I get a flea in my ear (or something else somewhere else) from him, I say ‘old’ in the cherished sense of a long-term friend, ‘cos he’s not actually that old… (I think)… and certainly not as old as me (giggle) and anyone younger than me is positively young… (at least, that’s my story!)

DSCN2647eAnyway, after encountering the usual M25 snarl up around Heathrow that gave me a chance to touch up my lippy… (oops, sorry Ociffer…), I arrived… late!

But it wasn’t a problem ‘cos, by then, their mood was nice and mellow and we all just got together rather cosily on the sofa for a chat.  Actually the chatting didn’t last long ‘cos hands soon began to wander… and mouths were filled that, very quickly, wiped out any ability to converse!

It was a comfy sofa too…but when three people are getting pretty active on a two seat sofa, the contortions necessary make the thought of a bed quite appealing… so off to the bedroom we headed!

I rather lost track of everything that really happened on the bed… (sorry lads!)… ‘cos it all happened fast and furiously!  All I know is that I quickly discovered his subby tgirl has what seemed like an a addiction to cock!  Her lips slid over my cock, gripped it tightly, and didn’t let go!  She went at me for what seemed like ages… without stopping or even pausing.  Even when my friend turned her round so he could slide his cock deep into her pussy, she continued to go at me… insatiable, she was!

DSCN2649eAs he plunged into her hard and fast, she plunged herself down on me, just as hard and fast.  It felt like she reckoned mine was the last cock on earth and she wasn’t going to let it go until she’d had it all.

But she didn’t quite get it all… at least, not as she expected ‘cos, in a brief reorganisation of aching limbs etc., we all turned about and I ended up with her rampant cock in my mouth!  This time it was my turn to go at her.  She was so worked up, it didn’t take an awful lot of effort from me and, soon, she was writhing and gasping as she pumped a full week’s worth (as she told me afterwards) up into my mouth!

Having drained her completely, and keeping it all in my mouth, I moved up towards her and leant down towards her lips.  She opened them and we kissed wetly, all her cum flowing down into her mouth.  I knew it was a lot ‘cos my mouth had been very full indeed but, as she swallowed, she gagged slightly and lost a few drops down her cheek!

DSCN2662eIf that had been me, I know I’d have been given a good spanking and, even though I’d never dream of letting any drop escape like that, I usually get one anyway!  Her man had threatened her with just that but, in the event, he let her off (silly man!).

I know my Master wouldn’t have done… but my friend certainly enjoyed himself when he and his naughty girl got together and made me erupt all over his naked chest!  I have to say, I rather enjoyed that too!

Our time together eventually ran out and I headed home up a now empty (thank God!) motorway.

She’s a lovely girl, is my new friend… a real embodiment of the title of Julie Walters’ film… ‘Just Like a Woman‘… and actually, I felt like that too last night… it was fun.  Don’t forget to watch it!

Do games need brains?

I’m really not sure if you do.  Maybe it might help a bit but that would probably depend on what the game is, of course.

The subject came up ‘cos a Master in the north has taken an interest in me… to the extent that he’s now my ‘Proxy Master’.

I’m sure you will know what that is but, when he suggested it… well, ok… demanded it… I had to think a bit… after all, I know I’m not the brightest tart in the oven… but I got there in the end!   And he’s not to be confused with the various ‘personal’ Masters who like to enjoy me when I’m out at at clubs and parties!


This is how I’ll probably end up after a few games…

Anyway, as he’s based 200 miles or so away from me, it’s pretty clear that we’re not going to meet that often so he’s planning to control me from ‘afar’, as it were.  I confess I wondered a bit as to how it would work but I soon realised that he’s planning to issue me with some instructions from time to time that he’ll require me to carry out when I’m out at a club or party.  And I guess those instructions will probably be rather… er, no… VERY… naughty!

That’s fine, of course. After all, I thought that I don’t have to tell him absolutely everything I forget to do for him, do I?  But then I realised that he’d almost certainly read my Blog… this Blog!… knowing that I always detail EVERYTHING that happened to me at a party… and he’d soon notice any discrepancy!

As it happened, a week or so ago, I started chatting with a dominant tgirl who doesn’t live a million miles away from me and who clearly intends to get me to herself one day soon.  In conversation, she said she’s going to play a game with me when we meet and the scoring will mean that the points I win will be cane strokes that she’s going to give me.  So, in her game, points will mean PRIZES (for her)… and mean STRIPES (for me… awwwww!).   When I heard that, it sounded like the sting in the tail… as it were!… but it turned my silly mind to thinking about other games that could be turned into kinky ones.

Some years ago, I adapted the well-known board game CLUEDO into a ‘schoolie’ version with the people involved playing teachers (the Doms) and schoolies (the subs), the murder weapons being ‘spanky’ weapons (crop, flogger, paddle, cane etc. etc.) and the rooms being various classrooms and labs… plus of course, the Head’s Study!


I told you it was an OLD set, didn’t I?

So it wasn’t long before my ditsy brain… (oh yes, I think I must have one of those… somewhere…)… started to work in that direction and hit upon my old set of Poker Dice.  It was easy to think up a method of scoring that translated the final scores into spanks… (or, as I’m sure that Mistress would mean, cane strokes… oh God!).  The poorest result gets the highest score but I thought I’d give myself a small treat and score zero for 5 aces.  Well, who ever throws five aces?… and if by some bizarre chance I did, I’d b….y well deserve an easy ride, wouldn’t I?

Now, as I’ve already mentioned, I probably have a brain in there somewhere… but it obviously doesn’t work too well ‘cos I excitedly told my Proxy Master about it and he, unfortunately, warmed to the idea… especially as he realised the result would always end with my bottom being an awful lot warmer!  Honestly, what possessed me to tell him?  How daft can a girl be?

So now you see why I wonder about my brain.  If I’ve got one, it’s obviously rather limited… why else would I tell my Master something that he can use against me when I’m out at a club?  You see, I now know that I must keep my set of Poker Dice in my handbag ready for when he orders me to find someone to play it with me when I’m out again… or, of course, when I bump into one of you guys and girl, my lovely readers… and you tell me you want to play a few games!  Oh God… I’ve even told you now!

So yes… I think you do need a brain to play a game… but you may be able to get away with only a very small one, if you’re anything like me!

p.s…. if you have noticed my ‘deliberate’ mistake… (oh ok… I just didn’t notice it!…), missing the bottom score on the list in my photo…  that of NO pairs… I wonder what score that would deserve?  Do send me your suggestions… hehe!


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Your secretary, Sir?

I’d opted for the ‘secretary’ look on Friday night, when I went along to my fave haunt out on the edge of south west London.  It was a warm and sultry evening as I drove there and, as usual, stopped along the way to make some final adjustments to my makeup and clothing.  I even took a hurried photo!


I’m on my way, guys…

I picked up a tgirl nurse from her home on the way and, when we arrived, we found that there were only a few people there as the venue had failed to advertise the event in the best tgirl website!  How silly was that?

Even so, it was a nice sociable night for me and, later, the nurse and I had some fun.  Well, she had some first… when she laid me across her lap and spanked and leathered my poor bottom ’til it stung like Hell… but then I got my own back when I straddled her chest and filled her mouth with my cock while she slipped her finger up inside me!


Sitting pretty?

It wasn’t long before the inevitable happened… and yes, I filled her mouth even fuller… and much, much wetter too… hehe!  It all slipped down her throat very easily… and lots of it too… which she seemed to really enjoy!


Ready for the guys and girls…




And she wasn’t the only one to enjoy herself either.  It goes without saying that I certainly did but, as soon as we finished, we realised that we’d had an audience, all of whom said they’d really enjoyed watching us!…  a shame about the others!



So, even though there weren’t many people there, those that were had a thoroughly enjoyable time… hehe!


But where were they?


Sadly my camera battery died as soon as we arrived but the naughty nurse took some on her phone so here are a few of hers.  Thank you so much, Monica.






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Historic beauty… and a bit of naughty too!

Now what sort of title is that, I can hear you asking.DSCN2407e

Yep… I agree… it’s not the sort of title that normally goes with my naughty posts in here…



…but I’m off on my hols in a day or two’s time so I thought I’d leave you with some food for thought in a couple  of cheeky birthday cards I received last month… both of which are so true!




…and a photo of three beautifully sensual ladies with curves to die for (even at an age of some 75 or more years!) that I took a year or so ago (and I’m not including the fly that thought it was a Spitfire at the foot of the photo!).Spitfires16cwallpaper

So that’s enough from me right now… except to say I hope you have lots of naughty fun in the next week or so without me, while I’m sunning it up in Greece… or should that be greasing it up in the sun…? (ok… I can wish!)

I’ll be back on here around the turn of the month so don’t go away… xxx

Friends old and new…

I was back at my old stomping ground again last night, out on the edge of south west London and it was a delightfully different occasion.  I’m so used to going to parties that are purely for tgirls and guys but, last night, as well as those, there was a bundle of lovely females and m/f couples that added an extra dynamic to the party.


My ‘floaty’ summery dress…

I was really pleased to find one lovely male friend of mine on one of his rare trips down from the north.  We’d met on a few occasions before and he’s always fun and interesting to be with.

Getting us both nicely in the mood, we watched through the windows of a bedroom as a guy gave his lovely female a good shafting on the bed that, by the look of it, she was enjoying as much as he was!

Then we wandered into the cinema and sat down in near darkness to watch a rather sensual film showing a beautiful girl, completely naked, being very naughty and erotic with her man.  While porn films don’t usually do much for me… (so often they are ghastly, cheap productions… repetitive and tedious and, after two minutes, you’ve seen all you want to see), there are some that I find pretty exciting, and not just the ones that I actually performed in… hehe!

This film was shot professionally, with really good lighting, excellent camera work and a truly gorgeous girl… and it quickly worked its magic on us both…

And yes… you guessed it… I was soon down on my knees between his thighs with my lips wrapped tightly around his hard cock jutting up from his opened trousers while he continued to watch the erotic scenes on the silver screen.


Trying out the the St. Andrews cross…

I remembered our previous times and knew he wouldn’t be able to last long and, sure enough, after barely a minute or so, he gasped for me to stop.  Of course, I did… ‘cos I knew I’d have another chance at him a little later… hehe!

DSCN2414ae.jpgTo cool down a little, we went back out and found another windowed bedroom through which we could see a fabulously slim, shapely and leggy girl, completely naked except for her black bra, riding her man as he lay on his back on the bed.  They both seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely and, after a while, she turned around to face his feet and, I assume, continued to ride him.  I say ‘assume’ ‘cos her lovely thighs were now in the way and we couldn’t quite see what was going on between them!  But I guess they were still enjoying themselves pretty much!

It was a delicious display of two beautiful people enjoying each other… and also enjoying the knowledge that their audience were watching goggle-eyed… and er… definitely rather stiff-cocked!

But whereas I’d expected some cooling off after the film, this knocked any chance of that on the head ‘cos both my friend and I were now gagging for it!  After that highly erotic display, we headed off at speed into a nice bedroom of our own where my friend stripped off completely and I got my lips working on him again.  He was so hard that, after sucking him nicely, and thinking of that lovely girl riding her guy, I whipped off my little panties, rolled a condom on his cock and lowered myself down on him.  I rode him deliciously for a while and soon could feel him desperately trying not to come… hehe!  So, knowing how he loves to shoot into a girl’s mouth, I lifted off him, scrapped the condom and lowered my lips to him again.  This time, he didn’t tell me to stop… and, anyway, I wasn’t going to.  As he felt it stirring in his depths, his breathing became heavier and deeper… and as it started to climb towards the light, his gasps became louder and higher ’til he almost screamed as it finally shot up his cock and burst out, hitting the back of my throat again and again and filling my mouth!

And his cum never did find the ‘light’ ‘cos it went straight down my throat without stopping… hehe!

DSCN2412eHe was pretty wiped out after that, so we rejoined the gathering around the bar and I found that gorgeous, statuesque girl… the one with the legs… (oh yes, they really did go all the way up… just like mine!)… who’d given us that wonderful show earlier.  I chatted with her for a while and discovered that she has a penchant for spanking and being spanked… just like me!  One day soon, I really hope to explore that a little further with her… so, my dear, I hope you’ll drop me a line!

A little later, wandering around the dungeon downstairs, I found another dear friend… a female Dominatrix looking unbelievably delicious in a body-hugging, wetlook catsuit with cut-away holes for her delicious breasts to protrude through… only she was wearing a ‘just over’ half-cup bra that left the upper half of her breasts naked but, sadly, just covered her nipples… awwww… spoilsport… hehe!  But, of course, Dommes should always tease but never (quite!) expose!  And she certainly teased…

Behind her trailed her tgirl maid who was dressed up to the nines in a smart black and pink pvc maid’s dress with loads and loads (and loads!) of white petticoats.  Down in the dungeon, she was strung up in various ways by her Domme so she could take her pleasure from her sissy maid… mmmmm!

It was now well after my ‘pumpkin’ time so I headed out and drove home with some yummy images running through my mind… of a fun party with an extra dynamic… and having fun with some lovely friends, both old… well, not so old actually… just ‘long-term(!)… and new!


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It was quicker this time!

Yes… it was quicker this time!

The journey there, I mean.  Last time I went to Harlow, it took longer than if I’d driven to Devon… and this time it only took as long as to Dorset!  I blame foreign truck drivers who allow their trucks to get into accidents or break down at the most inopportune times and places… such as by the entrance to the Dartford Tunnel when traffic’s at its busiest!  And why is it always a truck?  And a foreign one at that?


Almost ‘camouflaged’ on the  dance floor…


Flanders and Swann sang a wonderful song about being English back in the 1950s that seemed rather appropriate last night. Now, what was it called… ah yes… ‘A Song of Patriotic Prejudice’.  Do Google it and have a listen… it’s great fun unless you’re foreign!… (and to any of my Scottish, Irish and Welsh friends… please accept my sincerest apologies and my enduring love… hehe!  Oh, all right… you can spank me later!).

The welcome in the club was very warm and friendly and pretty soon, more people had arrived to make a happy gathering in a great venue.  Since I was at PINKS last, they’d made a few alterations… slightly structural but mostly cosmetic and the place looked larger, fresher and full of pzazz… (if that’s how you spell it!)… with a nice dance floor swamped with multi-coloured lighting… wow!

My lovely friend who runs it seemed pleased to see me and was brimming with happy bonhomie… and especially so when I presented him with a large framed photograph to go on his wall somewhere… if he could find a space for it!


The stylish and jazzy DJ console…

It was a very comfortable and sociable occasion and, eventually, I sang some of my naughty songs for them, including a Flanders and Swann number I had written new lyrics for.  Maybe my voice was croaking a little bit (from not enough alcohol probably!) but they seemed to run along reasonably and, afterwards, after I’d sunk a welcome coffee, one of the guys there decided that he and I needed to get a bit closer!

We headed off down the corridor to the Annexe, followed by a couple of other guys too… and once I was down on my back on the bed, hands galore roamed all over me.  My little panties were no match and, anyway, they were backless(!) so they didn’t even need to be pulled aside, except in front… hehe!

My hands were taken to grip and stroke two now-exposed and hardening cocks standing each side of me while someone’s hand gripped and started pumping mine.  With my legs yanked up, wide apart, into the air, I felt a finger or two thrust up inside me… mmmm…

Soon, the cock on my right moved closer and I turned my head to take it in my mouth, sucking hard on it before turning the other way to take the other cock in the same way.  I felt lips now envelop my own hard cock and begin to slide down to the root… oh God… it felt delicious.

DSCN2405eAfter a while, we all changed around and another man thrust his cock into my mouth.  Lowering his lips to envelop my own cock and, at the same time, slipping a finger inside me to work up my prostate, the combination didn’t take long to push me higher until I knew I was going to burst.  Suddenly, I erupted into his mouth in an amazing climax!  I must have filled his mouth ‘cos he swallowed before I had finished and I still went on pumping and gasping… mmmm!

Back in the club again, it was lovely to subside with some gentle chat so that I could recover somewhat before my journey home.

It was a really delightful evening.  PINKS has all sorts of events coming up that sound great fun so I must try to get back there again soon… despite the journey!  Thanks everyone…