An afternoon to die… er, lie for!

No… I’m not dead… and I’m not a liar either… honest!  I use the word ‘lie’ in the horizontal sense… as in ‘lying down’… if you get my drift… so, now that’s clear, I’ll swiftly move on…!


My little dress isn’t too short, is it?

I arrived at a lovely party early yesterday afternoon.  Unlike some venues, it was not very difficult to get there at this time of day ‘cos it’s barely a mile down the road from my home!  Now that’s what I call convenient!

But, sadly, I can’t get there often as, usually, my Wednesdays are full with vanilla stuff.  But not today… yippeeeee… and it was lovely to be greeted by the lovely… er… ‘not-so’ old friend who runs it!  It was a pleasure seeing her again after quite a lot of years, though I decided not to count how many!

Soon after I arrived, I recognised a lovely guy up from that seaside resort on the south coast that often boasts of having the most annual sunshine in the UK… but I’ll leave you guessing which one ‘cos there are several that boast that at different times!

We got chatting and, seeing how I needed to get a photo or two to put up here for you to see, I suggested we head upstairs to a nice private room.  He was certainly resourceful, my sunny friend, ‘cos as soon as we were inside, he didn’t hesitate to shut the door and turn the lock to keep everyone else out.

He snapped away at me as I posed for him in various ways… and then, somehow… (and I can’t think how)… we both just sort of ended up on the bed together, him completely naked, me still in my little green dress (which barely covered my bottom,as you can see… hehe!)… and all his clothes strewn around the floor.


Sitting pretty…

Such a lovely guy… he couldn’t wait to get his lips around my cock and immediately drew me out from my little black panties and started to lick and suck me beautifully.  When he started to tire a little, I told him to lie down on his back and let me have a turn on his.  My lips slipped over the head of his cock and I lapped at it gently for a while, gradually moving lower down toward its root.  Eventually, it was deep in my throat and I wriggled my throat muscles to massage its head while my tongue continued to stroke his hard shaft.

He seemed to rather enjoy that as his breathing became a little heavier but, soon, he wanted me to climb up over him in a 69 position so, straddling his head, my cock disappeared into his mouth just as his did into mine!

We rocked like that for a delicious while… both of us loving the feelings and not wanting to stop.  He even slipped a finger into my pussy which always feels so sexy but, eventually, I felt an increasing need to be filled even more there… and by something much bigger!  You see, it’d been a few months since I’d last been filled by a nice cock and I was gagging for it… and I wasn’t wearing that little necklace for nothing either (see photo below)… hehe!


Is this the same as ‘asking for it’?

I climbed off him, turned around and, having fitted a condom on him, I lowered myself down over his hard cock as I looked down into his eyes.  Wow… it felt so good to be filled like this after so long and it was a delicious way to start 2019… filled with his hot sunshine in the depths of midwinter!  His breathing continued heavily and, feeling increasingly slutty and whorish, I soon asked him to please fuck me properly… like a whore!

I think that made him even more excited as I climbed off and knelt down on the bed with my knees spread wide and my head and shoulders right down on the mattress.  My bum was high in the air and I knew I was wide open back there… openly inviting him to use me.


Ready for some action…

And he did.  His excitement taking control, he thrust into me… pushed right in deep… and started to pound my pussy like a jackhammer while he gripped my hips to keep me fully under control.

I’ve told you before how much being fucked like that makes me feel so submissive and I really felt like a whore being used as a whore should be used!  He banged away at me hard for several minutes… it was so exciting for me and I could tell it was for him too ‘cos his breathing now sounded even heavier and faster.


Hot stuff?

It didn’t take him long and, pretty soon, I knew he was building ‘cos I could feel his cock getting even bigger and harder inside me.  Suddenly, he let out a string of gasps and cries as he erupted, filling that condom deep up inside.

We stayed like that for several more minutes, gently rocking while his erection amazingly stayed firm… and it was still firm when, at last, he withdrew and I rolled over on my back, pretty exhausted.

Lying there, I found my thoughts turning to an exciting Master right down there in another sunny place… Sydney, Australia.  We’d chatted online several times recently and he’d made it pretty clear what he would like to do with me, if only there weren’t some 12,000 miles between us!   I’d not received any specific instructions from him for yesterday but, now, I just knew what he’d expect of me.

I reached up and carefully slipped the condom off the still-hard cock, without spilling any of its creamy contents.  While my friend watched, I took it in my fingers, raised it above my head and slowly tilted it down towards my open mouth.  His cum poured out, straight through my lips on to my tongue.  His eyes eagerly followed it as it all slithered down into my throat… every drop… and disappeared… with not a single drop spilt!


Lying back waiting for some creeping hands…

So that was for my new friend (a new experience for him)… and also for you, Master… (you know who you are!)

We both needed fresh drinks now so we headed downstairs to the kitchen bar where I enjoyed a nice glass of Pinot Grigio to chase down the creamy ‘wine’ I’d just taken upstairs.

In the next half an hour or so, I chatted to several people… some old friends… tgirls and guys alike… and some new, until I found myself chatting with one man I’d not met before who, realising what a naughty girl I can be, soon suggested I should bend over for him.  When a man tells me firmly to do that, I naturally have to comply… (it’s what my Mistress instilled in me when she trained me)… and he now proceeded to give me a tirade of hard spanks on both my cheeks with his hands.  My short dress rode up so I only had my little black lacy panties to protect me but, as the noise attracted a few others into the room, he yanked those down and continued to spank my bare cheeks with one hand while slipping his other through between my legs for a lovely fondle!

Oh yessssssss… lovely! Definitely.

And later, lying back almost full length in a comfy armchair, another nice man came and sat on its arm… and soon let his hand reach down to stroke my stockinged thighs and gradually creep upwards… above my stocking tops and under my little dress.  Of course, I relaxed my legs and let them fall apart so he had better access… well, a sensible girl would, wouldn’t she?… after all, my training told me that I must always make it easier for guys who want me… so who was I to object?


Mirror, mirror… oh ok, who’s kidding who?

(And, when it feels as good as that did, I can easily be a sensible girl when I put my mind to it… hehe!)

So it was a brilliant and exciting afternoon… definitely one to lie for… and to die for!

And here’s a little afterthought… exactly 200 years ago, in 1819, the first rubber factory was built in London by Thomas Hancock… so is that when rubber and ‘cocks’ first made their acquaintance?


… nearly Christmas Eve…

Yes… tomorrow it all starts… the day that Christmas really begins… with the wonderful live Festival of Carols from Kings, Cambridge in the afternoon and, later, on television too… if you missed the earlier radio relay!i-th2rdrc-x2

But, if you read my previous post (below), you’d know that my Christmas started a bit early… last Tuesday to be precise… with my singy and stingy afternoon that was so brilliant!  It was a perfect start to the fun season so, if you didn’t get to read it, do have a read.  Just scroll down a page or two.

So now, I want to wish all you lovely, loyal and naughty friends out there who read my blog and see my pics a really happy… and very naughty… Christmas!  I’m hoping to have one too… and will be all dressed up… er, or down… on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to arrive and come up my chimney (if he arrives before I fall asleep!).

Which reminds me, I must forget to light my fire ‘cos if he comes down and gets a red hot bottom from the flames, I know just whose bottom he’ll take it out on!

And yes, if he’s not arrived by midnight, I’ll probably have fallen asleep and be lost to the world until Christmas morning, but at least I’ll fall asleep dreaming of him trying to get down my chimney… maybe dressed as in this lovely cartoon on a Christmas card I received the other day.


One Christmas Eve…



Actually, for several years, Santa has dropped in on me on Christmas Eve… (dropping ‘into’ me too, usually… hehe!)… but the little sod usually bends me across his knee for a good spanking when he arrives before he gets down to business and climbs up MY chimney! And when he does that, I forgive him everything, of course!


Another Christmas Eve…

Actually, it’s pretty rotten ‘cos, when I was a young girl, (only a very few years ago, you understand!)… I was brought up to believe that Santa wanted you to SIT on his knee, but these days he seems to have got that a bit wrong ‘cos I always end up being BENT OVER it first… and then made to sit on his LAP, not his knee!  He’s a randy ol’ sod… but I love him!

So Christmas for me is usually a pretty hot time… at least, for my bottom(!) ‘cos he just adores getting into a girl’s panties… but I better not moan too loudly in case he hears… and I’d hate to give him even more reason to wallop me!

Anyway, here are a few photos of his antics with me over the years… plus a little limerick I penned just now…


… and another!



Christmas with Santa again             Means a time for mince pies and some pain…                                            ‘Cos Santa’s warm thanks         Always mean some hard spanks…  Thank God his sleigh carries no cane!


I hope you all get the ‘attention’ from him that you’d love… and deserve… whatever that may be… eh girls?

Have a naughty one… and Happy Christmas! xxx

A spanking good sing!

Ok…  I guess you must be wondering what on earth my title above means… and if I didn’t know already, I’d be wondering too!  Yes, I know it’s pretty odd… weird even, but hang in there and let me tell you about my day today!


Feeling nervous before my songs…

I’d been asked to sing some more of my naughty songs at a big private spanking party in London that was attended by some 70 or so people and I duly turned up in good time for a sound check with the D J.  Then I went off to get all dolled up ready for my spot that was due to happen later, during the lunch break.

That was when everyone else disappeared to grab some much needed sustenance after an energetic couple of hours during which the men were all spanking the living daylights out of lots of very pretty, curvy… and mostly naked… female bottoms!  Mmmmmmmmm!

I have to say that, normally, I would have felt more than envious but, up to lunch, I’d been trying desperately to remember the lines of the songs I was due to sing… so I was a bit preoccupied… (which, in my case is the same as petrified!)… and anyway there were loads of butterflies playing havoc in my tummy that I was struggling to pacify!

IMG_4623aeI’d actually written the naughty lyrics of two of the three songs myself, but that doesn’t mean I could remember them… which is possibly down to me being a bit ‘blonde’… (as some guys I know may have noticed).

So, are you now beginning to understand what my title is all about?  Spanking… songs… got it?

Good… and when everyone came back with plates of food to scoff while I sang, at least they couldn’t heckle me with their mouths full, could they?… (although someone did try, to the concern of the unfortunate person sitting next to him who got covered in salad!).  And I can’t have done too badly ‘cos I didn’t have to duck any bread rolls, pork pies or slices of turkey that I was half expecting might have come my way!

Actually, I was quite pleased ‘cos I always try to add a bit of naughty humour into my songs and, at the right points, gaggles of girls and guys really did giggle and chuckle, which encouraged me no end… ‘cos I was somewhat relieved they hadn’t all fallen asleep…

A few weeks ago, a lovely pianist friend of mine had played my backing tracks and her ‘electronic’  hubby had recorded her and put them on cd, so the D J didn’t have to do too much other than press a few tits on the console!  So, a big thank you to both of you… you know who you are… and to you, Mr D J!!


And no… this isn’t me!  I wish!

I was given a lovely, rousing cheer when I finished… and I don’t think it was just ‘cos they were glad to get me off the stage!


This mike felt strangely familiar ‘cos I’ve often got long hard things in my fingers… hehe!

Afterwards, I grabbed a yummy plateful of cold meats and salads etc… delicious… (and many thanks to the wonderful chef… or is it chef-ess?  Whatever… you’re lovely!)… while a gorgeous naked girl performed a naughty burlesque routine on the stage.  Oh, all right… if you insist… here she is.

The butterflies in my tummy now satiated, I found myself chatting to a lovely man from that wonderful country somewhere in the middle of Europe that is usually covered in snow, and he now suggested that I should join the other girls… by which he meant I should kneel up on a seat, bend over and prepare for him to spank me!

Well, in for a penny etc… and never let it be said that I shirk my responsibilities to my erstwhile Mistress (who trained me all those years ago)… so I knelt up and felt my little tartan skirt flicked up my back and my little white panties yanked down to my knees.  Then his hand got going… gently at first and soon building up quite strongly.  It felt wonderful.. especially as it got harder and, when he picked up a little leather spanker, I even found myself egging him on!

Having not been spanked for a few weeks, I’d almost forgotten how delicious a good spanking is when it’s done by a sensitive practitioner who knows what’s to be done.  He certainly did and when, at last, he finished and let me pull my little panties back up over my tingling cheeks, I was genuine in my thanks for his lovely attention… sealed with a nice hug and a kiss.

DSCN3425eWhen I’d been singing earlier, I’d spotted a gaggle of lovely girls sitting just below the stage who seemed to be enjoying my songs and, now, I came across one of them bent right over a man’s lap, her naked and curvy bottom in the air and his hand raining down on it with alacrity!  And she seemed to be loving it too… so much so that I sat down next to them and chatted with her as that hand continued its work!

When his arm tired, she got up and immediately spread herself across my knees.  But I had an idea and, finding that she was happy with it, I set my little camera up, triggered the video to run and commenced spanking her bottom myself.  What fun that was… I was spanking her hard… very hard actually… and she adored it.  I must have given her over a hundred hard ones making her lovely bottom bounce deliciously, and it seemed as beautifully unmarked when I finished as it was when I started!  I ran the video for her and she was delighted to see her lovely cheeks bouncing under my heavy hand!

The man who had been spanking her also enjoyed watching us and, when she climbed off my lap, he asked me if he could spank me now!  Well, I’m sure you already know my answer to that… and, sure enough, I was soon standing by a table and bent over it.  He started by spanking me at length… maybe some sixty or more, getting gradually harder… and again I adored it!  The earlier attention on my bottom had prepared it nicely and this new spanking felt really delicious.  Then he switched to a black leather paddle he had with him and that felt great too.  After several batches of ten strokes each, I asked him to use it harder and harder and the effect was wonderful, making my bottom really sting deliciously!  But, ever a glutton for punishment, even that wasn’t quite enough for me and, before he finished, I asked him to wield it as hard as he could.DSCN3405e

He swung that leather across my bottom ten more times, really hard and, by God, it stung!… such a wonderful feeling.  I hugged him and kissed him with my warm thanks… and, having travelled home to sit here writing this later in the evening, I can still feel the tingling… mmmmm… despite the soft cushion I’m sitting on!

It turned out that that lovely girl who’d been across my knees was one of two sisters there today and I got the impression… and I’m definitely hoping… that this won’t be the last time we meet… will it, my dear?

So, was my title a reasonable summary for today?  It may sound a bit obtuse but it was a rather bizarre day… wonderfully bizarre… and it really was a spanking good sing… or something!


Where have all the ‘bad’ guys gone?


Cheeky… or so my panties say!

After over a month… and yes, a month is a long time in my life… I managed to get out to meet some girls and friends again on Friday night and had a lovely, sociable time with several gorgeous girls… but, sadly, there were no nice (or naughty!) guys to play with!

What’s happened to all you naughty guys?  There we were, a bunch of lovely girls, all dressed up to the 9’s… (well, more like down to the 0.9’s… hehe!)… and all gagging for some action… but hardly a naughty guy in sight, let alone any dominant ones!  It’s enough to make a girl feel she’s not wanted any more… but I actually know that’s not true ‘cos I get lots of guys contacting me wanting to enjoy me.  So come along and have some fun, guys!  Maybe I should re-write that song ‘Where have all the Flowers Gone?’ and turn it into a naughty version called ‘Where have all the ‘bad’ guys gone?’


All alone on a nice big bed…

Ah well… we still had a good time and, I hope, three of the girls will have some nice new photos to add to their collections for profiles etc. ‘cos I delightedly snapped away in the dim and wonderfully sensuous lighting… and the Christmassy atmosphere… in the Old Hellfire Club.


Such a sexy bed… but where are all you naughty guys?

Although I was pretty gutted that I got no attention of the ‘naughty’ kind,  I still had a fun time with the other girls there.


Short and shiny… my dress, I mean!

I’m planning to go along there again on Jan 4th , so come along guys… come and help me have some New Year fun!  I’m sure some of you kinky guys can think up something naughty for 2019… even if that may be rather too high a number to spank  me with… but then, maybe not!!!… who knows?  Are there any guys up for a challenge?


Anyway, I’ll certainly make sure that you have some yummy fun too… hehe!


Here are a few of the photos I took last night.


‘Stairway to Heaven’… any guys want to come up?

A double Halloween!

An unusual event took place down in the depths of Wiltshire on Friday night.  Amy Jane’s party usually takes place on a weekday afternoon but, occasionally, she does one on an evening, which can sometimes be a little easier for me.  So I headed off westwards for a night of Halloween jollities… although I had a reasonable fear that, as I was likely to meet the wicked Pretty Lady there, her enjoyment at paying some, er… seriously painful… attention to my bottom, as she had done each time I’d met her on previous occasions, was preying on my mind as I drove through the beautiful Vale of Pewsey on the way there.

IMG_0127eA lovely, friendly crowd of girls and guys was there.  Amy Jane’s is so much more amenable than many of the parties in the London area that can be really cliquey sometimes.  Guys have often told me that they sometimes feel ‘excluded’ by girls at some parties, which always saddens me.  Some girls really are daft.  They should realise that, without the attendance… and income… that clubs receive from the guys who attend, their clubs might simply not exist.  So, come on girls… be friendly and welcoming to the guys who adore us.  Don’t shut them out ‘cos, if you do, they won’t bother to go to again and, without sufficient support, your clubs could fold and you could be stuck at home with nowhere to go.  Ok… moan over!

But no such problem at Amy Jane’s… she runs a really friendly party that’s warm and welcoming to everyone, with a great atmosphere in a fab venue.


About to leave my hotel for Amy Jane’s…

I met several friends there and had some delicious cuddles with the gorgeously cute Shirley, who looked fabulous in a very cheeky little fetish dress in black pvc with bright red ribbon all down the front… (and some little bats on her cheeks giving a new meaning to ‘bats in the belfry’!)… and the aforementioned and gorgeously wicked, Pretty Lady… otherwise known as Mistress Stephanie, who always sports a spectacular hairdo… and knows just what to do with paddles and whips and other stingy things… oh God!

As well as our hosts, many girls were sporting some exciting and imaginative Halloween costumes and, after a lovely sociable time, Amy Jane provided us all with a light supper. But, after downing a nice hot dog, Mistress Stephanie moved up a gear as she took hold of me and marched me through into the dungeon and tied me down on the spanking bench.

My bottom felt really exposed sticking up in the air, not only for all the guys and girls around us to see, but also, I knew, vulnerable for whatever wickedness she decided to apply to it!


Two gorgeous girls… Pretty Lady and Shirley…

She started off using that wicked little wooden spanker that I remembered from my last visit there, and then moved on to a leather spanker, the sound of which reverberated around the dungeon area!  After that, she finished off… er, finished me off!… with a heavy and stingy flogger.  Thank you, Mistress, for your exertions that must have left my bottom glowing bright pink all over!

Once I was untied and allowed to get up again, I wandered into the big dark room where several girls and guys were getting very active, at least as far as I could see in the gloom.  Once my eyes had adjusted a little, I found that cute little Shirley on her back on the huge bed with three people ‘attending’ to her in some way… and it clearly wasn’t painful either ‘cos her little whimpers and gasps told me that!


Ready for Pretty Lady’s painful attention!

When they all moved around, I suddenly found her lovely cock standing up strongly and pointing towards me so I dived down on it before someone else did… and took it straight down into my throat!  I went at it for some time while others were enjoying her mouth too, but I could hear her gasps and whimpers that, I hoped, were caused by my lips and tongue.

When we all needed to shift position again, I found another cock pointing at my face, only inches away… and this one was bigger, belonging to a big and fit-looking man.  As I lifted off Shirley’s cock, this new one quickly took its place, filling my mouth and not stopping ’til it was deep in my throat.  I went at it hard, despite my mouth being very full! Well, I did say this one was big, didn’t I?

thumbnail01 copy

… and receiving it!

He was a lovely, strong man, and he thrust into my mouth hard and purposefully.  I pulled back so I could use my tongue on the head of his cock and I lashed it several times as well as pushing my tongue into its little hole and, after enjoying that for a while, he withdrew.  I looked up into his eyes and saw that he wanted to fuck me.  He slipped on a condom with a splash of lube and I lay back on the edge of the bed and lifted my legs high into the air.  He dived into me… and started to thrust hard, in and out.

thumbnail03 copy

Yummy bubbles…

Our eyes met and I could see the pleasure in his as he plunged into me.  Despite my bottom being sore from Pretty Lady’s so-recent ministrations, it still made me feel really sexy to be used so thoroughly by such a nice man.  As he thrust, we were watched by three or four others who were obviously enjoying seeing his cock disappear and reappear, time and time again, making me gasp and cry out with pleasure… and such pleasure too!

Despite my hope that he would cum, he didn’t, and eventually pulled out to let me get up and recover with a parting kiss and cuddle.

A little later, I found another young man who I’ve known for some years, in another darkened room… this time with the gorgeous Shirley and Pretty Lady cuddling heavily together.  I got him to take out his hard cock… (I could feel it was hard through his trousers!) and very quickly my lips were wrapped around it’s head.  Licking it gently at first, I gradually got stronger until my tongue was working back and forth across its head.  Then I dived right down on it, deep into my throat, eliciting some lovely gasps from him.  Working it hard for several minutes, I then lifted until my lips again just gripped around its head so my tongue could lash it again… and press into its little hole as far as it would go too!  He seemed to love that!

During the evening some photos were taken and I hope to add one or two more here as they arrive from other friends there.  But I also took a few in my hotel room before I went… and three of them are here!


I took this just before going out to Amy Jane’s.  I thought some of you guys might enjoy something a little naughty… hehe!

It was truly lovely to see my two gorgeous tgirl friends there again as well as several other friends and it was such a fun party.  Many thanks and congratulations to the two lovely organisers too… they certainly know how to make a happy, friendly and very exciting party.

And thank you to Wander Outyonder for some lovely photos!


Next morning, I headed home so I could get myself ready for my second party in two nights… this time at the Hellfire Club out on the edge of southwest London.  Two nights out in a row is, for me, very unusual, but I love the Hellfire venue and didn’t want to miss their monthly party.

It was not that busy but I chatted with several guests including two lovely females who were there for their first time.  Both were lovely and really sexy and, chatting with them, I gathered that both liked the idea of being spanked too.  Sadly we didn’t get that far as both were somewhat reticent at that stage, but I went off for a walkabout leaving them thinking about the idea!  Another time, I hope.


Looking spooky at the Hellfire Club!

While on my walkabout around the club, I noticed a gorgeous, leggy tgirl I hadn’t seen before, wearing the shortest possible dress without it actually putting anything on display… if you get my drift.  But it only just succeeded…. and, on occasion, not quite… which was rather fun to watch, her tiny black thong sometimes peeking below her hem.!

She was walking around with a male friend and, after a short while, she came up to me, took my hand and walked me into the dark bedroom where I soon found her strong cock and popped it into my mouth!  But she wanted something else and urged me to get up on my knees.  I felt my pink satin thong pulled to one side and her pointed tongue inserted deliciously into my hole several times.  As she did so, I think her man inserted his cock into her, but I couldn’t be sure ‘cos he was way back there behind me… and her… and it was pretty dark too!

Still, we switched around again and this time I knelt down on the bed to swallow her cock again.  As I did so, I felt her man about to try to get his cock into me and, reaching back, I found he wasn’t wearing protection.  Naturally I stopped him and asked him to use a condom, but his response was simply to move over to her and shove himself deep into her without one!  She indicated to me that she was happy with that… but I certainly wasn’t.  Soon after, she turned again and crouched down to slip his cock into her mouth, at the same time, pushing her pretty bottom high in the air.  I didn’t need any encouragement to cover her cheeks with some less than gentle spanks that she seemed to enjoy.

Later, back near the Bar, I found one of the two lovely females I’d been chatting with earlier.  Her partner asked me if I’d like to join them in a bedroom and I happily agreed.  It seems that she really needed to be licked to orgasm so, as she lay back with her legs wide apart, I crouched down between them and let my tongue do the walking!  I licked her gently at first, gradually increasing in pressure.  She started to breathe heavily and gasp, but her partner told me she needed me to do it harder.  So I did… assisting my tongue with my very strong finger… and soon, she indicated to me to go even harder still… as hard as possible.  I did that too!

And, at last, that brought results as she built more and more until she suddenly let out a high pitched, uncontrolled scream that must have been heard throughout the whole place!  More loud cries followed as she gradually drifted back down to Earth!  Wow, what an eruption… lovely to see and delightful to help create!

Immediately afterwards, her partner took out his hard cock and thrust it deep into her, fucking her hard for several minutes!

So ended another very naughty night… a double Halloween celebration!

Blonde Bombshell!

And no… I’m NOT talking about myself!  I may be a bit on the blonde side… my hair’s honey blonde and many of you guys will already know that my mind is definitely blonde(!)… but I’ve never considered myself to be a ‘bombshell’.


My first meeting with Shirley… October 2017!

And, actually, I know I’m not… ‘cos I’ve never exploded yet… (although some of you guys may feel you know a bit differently… but that’s another story… hehe!)

No… the blonde bombshell referred to in my title is the cute and gorgeous little blonde that I first met nearly a year ago at a naughty club down in the west country.  I sort of fell in love with her then and nothing’s changed on that since!  Just to remind you, here’s a photo of the two of us at that club back in October last year.  Isn’t she a cutie?

So I was excited to find that Shirley wanted to come and stay the night with me during her travels… and guess what?  Not only was it this weekend, but it happened to be one of my rare free Saturdays!

She arrived nice and early… which is always a good sign.  I really don’t like it when people turn up half an hour or more after the intended time.  Even 15 mins late can be a real pain sometimes… but this little cutie turned up, after checking with me by text, nearly two hours early! How lovely is that?  After all, with lovely people, the more time you have together the better it is!  Isn’t that so?

A nice relaxing time followed, during which I tried her with some of my own outfits that I felt would look good on her and fit her nicely (and sadly don’t fit me any more!)… and when she left the next morning, I was very happy to know that a few of those were in her bag!

So, after eating a simple dinner washed down with a nice bottle of pink bubbles, Shirley and I readied ourselves to receive a visitor!  I’d been chatting with him for some months, on and off, and was delighted that he was keen to come over from Kent on Saturday night.

A well-built, dominant man, as soon as he arrived, he stripped off his shirt and trousers, shoes and socks, down to his underwear.  I realised exactly what his expectations from us two quivering girls were going to be and, sure enough, both of us were soon down on our knees using our lips to worship his very thick cock!


Do I need to explain?

And soon, he had both of our girlie cocks out from our little panties and alternately they disappeared through his lips… first hers, then mine… and again… and again!  It seemed that this dominant man loved girlie cocks too!

All the while, his thick cock was as hard as a rock, so I knew that pretty soon, he’d want to put it somewhere else.  The thought frightened me a little, thinking of it’s thick girth entering… and definitely stretching… our girlie holes, but then I recalled a recent event when a lovely lady friend decided to slip her entire fist inside me (which was a delicious experience… hehe!)… so I knew I should be able to take him.

And, sure enough, he did!  He bent me down on the padded bench, yanked down my panties and, with my legs wide apart, his hard cock started to rub up and down the cleft of my bottom.  It felt so very hard… just itching to climb inside… oh God… mmmmm!

Behind me I heard the rustle of a condom wrapper and, seconds later, that big head nudged my gaping hole.  Two big hands grabbed my waist… held me tight… and with one hefty shove… yes it needed a hefty one… he was through and I was gasping at being filled and stretched so wide.  Once embedded all the way in, he pulled back to my entrance, and then started to fuck me hard… in and out… again and again… non stop.  He went at me for several minutes, sometimes spanking my cheeks as he did so, while the cute Shirley watched wide-eyed, stroking herself through her little black panties.  It seemed she was a confirmed voyeur and really adored watching guys getting their cocks into a girl, and girls getting used in the way girls should be!


No explanation  needed!

Pulling out of me and leaving my pussy throbbing, he stripped off the condom and turned to thrust it into Shirley’s mouth again.  Then he turned to me and thrust it into mine again, before pushing me down on the bench, fitting a new condom on himself, and plunging in deep again.

Oh God… it felt even bigger than before, stretching me even wider, if that were possible!  Maybe it was my imagination, but that’s just how it felt but, as he ploughed me, I couldn’t help feeling so sexy, so erotic… yes, and so humiliated… especially seeing the pure glee in Shirley’s eyes as she excitedly watched me being used again.

I reckoned she wouldn’t be able to take his thick cock in her little hole as she was far too tight for him so, after another respite, I wasn’t surprised when he thrust into me yet again… this time fucking me energetically long and hard for the third time, until we were both gasping!


Shirley in my fave cheongsam…

But, despite all that energy, he hadn’t come…  I could tell he was determined to though, so he sat on the sofa, totally naked, with us two girls either side to cuddle and fondle him while he stroked himself to a gradual build up until, at last, he gasped and cried out as his cum shot up over his tummy.

Once our friend had left, Shirley and I prepared ourselves for bed, as we both had early starts next morning.  We’d had a really good evening and got to know each other much better.  She’s a delicious girl… cute, very femme and oh, so sexy!

And despite the fact that she’s really rather bright and intelligent, she’s still a fabulous Blonde Bombshell!

As for my photos in this post, I expect you noticed that Shirley features prominently… maybe even more so than me… which is unusual for me, writing in my own blog!  But she’s worth it… and you will also note that the photos of me are a bit on the raunchy side… more explicit than I usually post.  But that’s how the photos worked out on Saturday night… it’s the way the cutie crumbled!

Pleasure and Pain!

Yes… a whole weekend of it!


On my way to the party…

Hello again… I’m sorry it’s been a month since I last wrote to you but my vanilla life has been excessively full and hectic throughout August… well, through the whole summer really… so much so that I’ve hardly been able to get out at all.  But here I am again… at last… after a wicked weekend!

Wicked… definitely… in every sense.  Friday night was entirely pleasurable… and yesterday, Saturday, was… er… yes, definitely pleasurable… but just a bit painful too!

On Friday, I wore my new little choker… nice burgundy-coloured leather with the letters MG, but that doesn’t mean I’m a car… it actually stands for Minkie’s Girl… ‘cos he’s now my Master!  Minkie, I mean!  Actually he’s my Master ‘from afar’ currently but, one day, I’m sure I’ll meet him!

Anyway, it all started out at my fave haunt, the Hellfire Club, where I met several lovely tgirls and guys, plus a few lovely couples.  Among them, I found a delightful tgirl from south western Europe who seemed to be pretty rampant and, after a brief chat, she was up for me grabbing a few photographs.  A couple are shown here… isn’t she lovely?Nic22e

It soon became obvious that she was a rather naughty girl and would relish her bottom being warmed up with a spanking, so we soon headed into a comfy bedroom and were followed in by a nice guy.

I told her to get up on the bed on her knees, flicked up her (very!) little red tartan skirt to reveal a lovely pair of pristine and curvy cheeks, separated only by a thin black strip of thong between… and started to spank her.  She seemed to enjoy my first, gentler spanks so I soon stepped them up a little, eliciting some nice yelps from her… and I do adore making a pretty girl yelp a bit!

After the spanking, she got up and, in a flash, her hand was round on my bottom, underneath my little leopard-print skirt (giggle!)… and then round to my front too!  What a girl.  Even before I could get my camera organised for her, she’d extracted my cock from my little panties and it was in through her lips being Hoovered… or Dysoned… (or any of the others… whichever is your choice!  Never let it be said that I’m biased about vacuum cleaners.. hehe!)… like I was the owner of the last cock on the planet!  And at the same time, her hand went round the back and I felt a finger creep up, deep, inside me and wriggle around deliciously!  Needless to say, I was in seventh heaven… despite Brexit!


My European friend, ready to be spanked….

As this was going on, I became aware that the guy who’d followed us in was now behind her, working away rather actively on (or in?) her rear!  I couldn’t actually see what he was doing… suffice to say that she was very quickly oooohing and aaaaahing nicely, so she was definitely enjoying whatever it was!

Soon, she pushed me down on my knees on the bed and I felt a long, wet girlie tongue probing me deeply back there… oh God… that’s always so exciting!  I was pretty hard myself by now and, between the three of us, I knew I was building up… until, suddenly, it all happened!  I reckon it was that girl’s tongue that did it… and I simply shot several spurts into the air in a cataclysm of ecstasy that would have had me buckling at the knees… if I wasn’t already on them!  Wow!!!

What a night… but I couldn’t linger too long ‘cos I knew I had to be back there, running the bar the following day and needed to grab some sleep first… so I headed off home soon after midnight.

And, yes… I was back at the same club next morning, preparing the bar for a private spanking party all afternoon.  I didn’t have time to organise a new outfit so I wore the same clothes as the previous night… except, of course, for some nice fresh, lacy undies!  Well, I thought my ‘secretarial’ look was quite appropriate to run the bar and reckoned it looked sufficiently dominant for me to avoid being punished!


Your secretary, Sir?  I’m good with letters…  especially French ones!

How wrong can a girl be?

It was a busy party… lots of guys and females, plus a handful of lovely tgirls too, all having a bundle of fun together… and all afternoon, the place rang to the sound of hands spanking bared bottoms in various rooms throughout the place… such an evocative sound!

Even I was able to get a break from the bar to get a couple of lovely females bent across a bed, side by side, to wallop their bottoms ’til they were glowing red hot… hehe!  Yummy!  After using my hand, I resorted to a delicious leather ‘slipper’ that made a cracking sound as it struck their two bottoms, one after the other… and elicited some really pained yelps and cries too… hehe!  Perfect… just what a pretty female bottom is made for… (and before any of you think I’m being a bit sexist here, the two girls completely agreed with me!)

A little later, I was able to go walkabout around the club to see what was going on and, down in the dungeon, I bumped into one of the two girls I’d spanked earlier.  Oh dear… big mistake!  She had a glint in her eye that I recognised… it was a look of ‘revenge’!  I knew she enjoyed switching and had even spanked me before on occasion, when I’d got a bit too wayward, and now I knew she’d got it in for me… and right there, conveniently (for her) alongside us, was a spanking trestle!

I had no choice… well, did I?  She bent me down across it and, once she’d set her video to record my humiliation and pain, she pulled my skirt up on my back to reveal my black lacy panties… that were so high up my bottom anyway that most of my bare cheeks were on full display for her… oh God!


Next morning…  looking fresh as a … er…?

First, she spanked me with her hand… and she has a very stingy hand too… then picked up a leather paddle that she swished with some vigor across my bottom!  Then she changed to a nasty little bundle of thin canes, all bound together at one end, and swished the little bugger across both cheeks pretty hard!  It was like bee stings in a swarm… Yeeeeouch!

But that wasn’t the finish… ‘cos she now picked up a fearsome Dragon cane!  Oh S..t!

Six hard ones striped across my cheeks… really got me gasping!

Even though, by now, my feet were aching badly from standing in high heels for several hours on end, I was still relieved to get back to the relative ‘safety’ of the bar and make some more teas and coffees for people!  Ah… the mundane life… even if my bottom was still complaining to me about its severe treatment!

So, you see, it was a weekend of pleasure and pain.  I always think those two words go so well together, especially when you’re not personally on the receiving end of the ‘pain’ bit… but when you are personally involved, they seem to go even better together… oh yesssssss… hehe!

Have a pleasurable time everyone… until next time!

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